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Choosing Your Wedding Style

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Choosing your wedding style for some may feel like a huge decision and an area where you have no idea where to start. So shall we break it down a touch?

It doesn't need to feel like a mammoth decision, it can feel natural if you follow a few tips and then ensure you follow through with the details. Im going to be breaking this process down over a series of blogs and youtube videos. So if this is your kind of topic, then make sure you stay tuned!

Now if you've stumbled across this blog as your first port of call I advice that you head on over to THIS VIDEO to get to know my colour trend predictions for 2021/2022 first.

So when it comes to choosing your wedding style, I've got 4 tips for you........


I can also tell you that I don't put together any design plan for my couples until after we have the venue booked. We will discuss the type of venue they are drawn to and obviously their capacity requirements and any religious/civil ceremony requirements, to help me make some good venue suggestions. But until that venue is booked I don't create a design proposal. When I first started out as a wedding planner, I would create a whole design proposal before even signing a client on. However it is ALOT of work to do that, when you are basically doing a rough idea for a couple before they have their 'backdrop' in place. For me a venue is the backdrop to your whole day. You don't want one style wedding, in a venue that looks like a complete misfit? So now I chat with my couples about their ideas, let them look through my body of work and let them decide if I'm the right planner for them. That is the most important bit! If they click and connect with me and feel I understand them, plus they love my style, they will know I'll create a beautiful design for them.

So suss out what STYLE of venue you are drawn to and only once you have your venue confirmed should you really start sussing out your full design style.


My next point, is colour. When it comes to sussing out your wedding style, work out what colours your are really drawn too. Do you have a favourite colour that you've always envisaged as part of your wedding? Are you really loving the latest colour trend? Get an idea of a palette that you really like, that suits you and your style. This is a fab starting point to create your full design.


Now this tip does not need to be followed, but it should be investigated! Check out what the latest trends are for weddings. Perhaps there is a trend that you just absolutely love. If that's the case and it works with your colours and venue, then go for it. It will be easy to source items to fit with it as suppliers will likely be holding items in that style if it is a current trend. Not sure what the current trends are? We will be covering the in the coming weeks!

However don't feel like you have to follow a trend. Explore the trends and if nothing calls out to you, then move onto tip 4, to find your style!


I think it is super important to carry your own personal style and personality into your wedding design. It's what turns your wedding day from a 'trend' to your day. A day that stands out and has parts of you weaved into the design. Even if you follow one of the current trends, you can still weave your personality into the details.

Perhaps you are massively into old school rock 'n' roll. So you decide to have a 1950's style wedding. It fits with your personality and perhaps even your style. You can incorporate it throughout lots of touch points throughout your day.

Perhaps you are have mediterranean heritage, so you decide you want to incorporate that into the day, with the food and the wine and perhaps the flowers and other styling points?

So really think about how you can use your own personal style and personality to bring your wedding to life.

So we've talked about how to choose your wedding style, click here to watch the video, but it doesn't really give you many ideas or inspiration. So over the next few weeks, I'm going to be breaking down 3 wedding styles that I think will be big in 2021/22, to help bring you some ideas.

I'm also going to to be showing you how to create your own design document, to keep your design all together, really get a feel for the full picture and to also be able to show your suppliers your vision.

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


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