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Cancer at age 21 to Growing a 7 Figure Business with Jade Cook - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

S4 Episode 2: Going from cancer at 21 and a visa scam to growing a 7 figure business with Jade Cook



Our first guest episode of series 4 and my god what an exciting conversation it is! I had the pleasure of talking to Jade Cook, the founder of Brow Bible Academy. The last decade has pushed Jade to her limit, she was diagnosed with cancer at just the young age of 21 whilst moving from the UK to Australia and having no family support and then falling victim to a visa scam but she overcame it all to now have 6 years experience of running her 7 figure salon business, then moving on to launch her online education and coaching business Brow Bible as well as a product line whilst she lives in Dubai with her beautiful family.

[0:53] - Intro

A little intro into the story of Jade Cook.

[2:11] - Where It Started

Jade takes us back to her 21 year old self working on cruise ships, moving to Australia and finding a lump that was later diagnosed as cancer.

[7:47] - Cancer Changing Your Mindset

Having fought cancer Jade explains how it really has altered her entire mindset on life and how she sees it as a lesson to learn from.

[11:43] - Next Steps: Building a Life in Aus

The perils didn't end at there for Jade, moving to Australia then had it's own issues with understanding how the visa system worked out there which she sadly fell victim to and was scammed. But all this heartbreak allowed her to focus and shift her in the right direction.

[16:48] - Starting Something New

After 3 years of working in the Brow industry Jade knew it was time to start her new venture so moving to a new part of Australia helped her to do that.

[22:33] - Hiring

Jade explains her first steps into hiring and how she found her love for teaching and training.

[26:36] - Your Business Baby

There has to be an end game to any business so Jade tells us how from opening two salons she then knew she wanted to move into the online world so took the leap and sold both her salons, one to her sister.

[33:56] - Full Time Brow Bible Academy

Jade has only been full time with Brow Bible for the past year and she thanks the pandemic for helping her make that happen as it helped the business to boom!

[36:46] - What is Brow Bible

Jade gives us the low down on what Brow Bible Academy is, what services she offers and how she took her brand global!

[43:40] - Biggest Challenges

Jade tells us her biggest challenges on her amazing business journey.

[50:12] - Everything Happens for a Reason

Jade's ethos really is everything happens for a reason, she knows at the time what she's going through is hard but will ride the wave and come out fighting on the other side.

[52:28] - Mum Life Balance

Jade wanted to embrace pregnancy and becoming a mum but also wanted something for herself, for her to be her and not to lose her identity so taking her business online helped with that balance.

[59:12] - Three Fundamentals

Jade tells us what her three fundamentals are for her business.

[1:01:14] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to You

Listen to Jade's answer to our final question that we ask all our guests on the podcast.

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Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson


Jade's Green Smoothie

- Spinach

- Ginger

- Turmeric

- Chai seed

- Dates

- Banana

- Avocado

- Ice

- Green Superfood Powder

- Pineapple Juice

- Coconut Water

Brow Bible Academy Handles

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