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Building a content strategy that doesn't feel Icky - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

S3 Episode 9: Building a content strategy that doesn't feel Icky



Let's talk content strategy because it really is my favourite thing! Connecting beyond what we do is key on Instagram so if you don't have a content strategy then you really need one. In this episode I'm talking everything content strategy including what it helps to build and achieve and how best to go about it and guess what my friends it all stems back to the know, like and trust factors.

[1:13] - Intro

A topic I love talking about and that's content strategy! So if you're asking yourselves these questions; 'I don't know what to post' and 'I don't have a content strategy' then listen up, because this is my thing!

[2:52] - Gone Are The Days of Static Images

Don't post a picture of cake and say you love cake... nobody cares anymore and thats why content strategy is key with structures and flexibility to work for you, to build a connection with your audience.

[6:32] - Understand The Purpose of The Platform

Use your strategy to nail the social media platform/s you're using to build the know, like and trust factor.

[8:44] - Proud Coaching Client Moment

A little story about one of my coaching clients who has upped her media game and absolutely smashing it!

[11:56] - Build Your Strategy

The key to a good consistent strategy is to not make content creation feel like it's taking up all your time and energy and here's how. I even have a content strategy template you can purchase to help you!



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Happy listening!

Lauren xx


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