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Breaking out of the Mould in your Industry with Catherine Bradfield - The Content Collective Podcast

S4 Episode 4: Breaking outside of the mould in your industry with Catherine Bradfield of The Wedding Boutique Italy



A great guest episode with fellow wedding planning expert, Catherine Bradfield, the founder of The Wedding Boutique who specialises in UK and Amalfi Coast weddings. Catherine has broken the mould of the typical wedding planning agency by having creative design at the forefront of her business model whereby she has free reign for each design and creates all the aspects including the floristry herself. We discuss how life passions come full circle with inspiration usually stemming from our childhood and how pushing the boundaries of normal job sectors shouldn't be out of the ordinary.

[0:05] - Intro

A little introduction into fellow wedding planner Catherine Bradfield, we start discussing where her career began and how loving Art at school was her true path but she got misguided due to the school system.

[9:21] - Languages being a Link

Graduating at 22 Catherine didn't want to migrate to London so googled the most beautiful place in Italy and off she went to work at a wedding planning agency in Italy. After working two seasons with them she realised she wanted more and wanted to be her own boss.

[15:40] - Pushing the Norms

Catherine tells us a bit more as to why she choose Italy and why she decided to push the boundaries of the normal 'wedding planning services' to create a design led service where she provides and creates the florals herself and how this journey started.

[25:43] - Planning & Logistics

Catherine tells us more about how she plans the logistics for Amalfi coast weddings as most venues you can only get to via golf buggies or man power! Creating a team that all works in harmony and having a supportive partner has been Catherine's backbone.

[32:12] - Imposter Syndrome

We briefly discuss imposter syndrome and how we all go through it even though everyone around you thinks you're doing a fantastic job.

[34:13] - New Business Advice

Just do it! One of Catherine's biggest life lessons when starting her own business.

[38:46] - Stand Out Moments

Catherine tells us about her hardest stand out moments of her business so far and how she learnt and grew from them including taking on few weddings, getting her team to set their own goals for within the business and her key words for this year.

[42:43] - Boundaries

Catherine tells us what boundaries she's putting in place this year to help with her own mental health whilst running a business including choosing her ideal client and setting expectations to her clients from the offset.

[47:07] - What Does 2023 Look Like

Listen to the exciting things Catherine has in store for her business and brand and that includes expanding into a Sister company.

[53:10] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to You

A question we ask all our guests on the podcast, listen to Catherine's response.

[54:35] - Three Business Fundamentals

What could Catherine not live without to help run her business.

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