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Being a leading women in a male dominated industry - The Content Collective

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

S4 Episode 8: Being a leading women in a male dominated industry with Kate Clare from LOUD. Architects



This weeks guest episode we delve into the world of architecture with female led architect firm LOUD. Architects. With a lot of unknown business similarities and creative design at the forefront of her brand, it was fascinating chatting with Kate Clare, owner and founder of LOUD Architects, about how she is a leading female figure in a male dominated industry, how she came to setting up her own business and being featured in The Times as well as appearing on a Channel 4's TV show, Extraordinary Extensions!

Kate's business ethos is that Architecture & Interior design should be accessible to all.

She creates happy one-of-a-kind home extensions and interior spaces with the use of creative building materials, shapes and colour 'We don't do 'Box on the back of a house' designs' and she's proud of finding that niche in the world of architecture.

[0:53] - Intro

A little intro into our guest for this episode, I welcome Kate Clare the director and founder of Loud Architects and she tells us all about what her business is about.

[3:27] - Being Female in a Male Dominated Industry

Kate tells us how it's actually a positive and empowering feeling being a female in a predominantly male industry.

[6:20] - The Start of Loud

We listen to Kate's story from ending university to how she was inspired to start up her own practice.

[9:25] - Role Model

Kate's mother won business woman of the year back in 2005 and her success has given her to encouragement and guidance to be the business woman she is today.

[14:29] - The Birth of Loud

Kate always knew she wanted to set up her own company but didn't think it would happen so soon into her career.

[17:07] - Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Kate discusses all things Instagram and how it can be scary putting yourself out there but also be a great way to build a community and give good value.

[21:41] - Advice & Challenges

Listen to Kate's personal opinion on the best advice when starting your own business and the challenges she also faced.

[30:32] - TV Debut

Kate tells us all about working with Channel 4 on TV show Extraordinary Extensions with Tinie Tempah and how she was a little worried it could be detrimental to her business. She also tells us more about personal highs in her business like being a face for Tide Bank and being featured in The Times.

[35:13] - Marrying Architecture & Interior Design

Kate has a unique selling point to her business where she gets just as involved with the interiors as she does the architectural drawings which she loves!

[38:33] - What is Entrepreneurship To You

Kate, a fan of the pod, has already answered this in the podcast but she expands further.

[39:31] - Three Business Fundamentals

Listen to Kate's three fundamentals to her business and that she can't work without, which includes yin and yang staff, being authentic and having some thick skin!

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Press & TV Appearance

LOUD. Architects

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