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8 Reasons Why Your Budget Is Your Best Friend

Yes I know, I know, i'm bringing up the B word AGAIN!

But stick with me. This is important. Grab a cuppa and take in the details, because trust me you won't regret it!

Your budget is the most important part of your wedding planning and you need to get it right, right from the start! So let's dive in to 8 reasons WHY!


So this is one of the most important places to start. You need to make sure you allocate your budget appropriately. That means how much are you going to allocate towards each supplier in your wedding. I have another that dives into this in more depth HERE. So go check that out. But essentially follow the formula, tweak it where necessary and no how much budget you have for each area.

Be Honest

So when I say be honest, that means be honest with your budget. If you have bought something small, don't think it didn't cost much, I don't need to add it. this is where things can go wrong! All those little things can add up. So make sure you add everything to the budget and be honest with yourself. then you know exactly where you stand.

Research Properly

Do you're research properly, when it comes to your suppliers. Do they suppliers you are looking at match the budget you have set. If you have allocated properly, you will know how much you have and therefore which suppliers fit that bracket. If you don't feel like you have enough for what you are after, be prepared to tweak your budget in other areas to accommodate if needed.


Always refer back to your budget. Don't just look at it at the start of your planning and then crack on. You need to constantly refer back after everything payment. Tweak it constantly once you have booked suppliers and paid deposits. Make sure it is always up to date. If you are not a numbers person , I know this seems boring, but it's important.

Stay on Track

Once you have written your list of suppliers at the start of your planning, don't go off track. You can't add in a videographer half way through planning because you didn't budget for it from the outset. Unless your budget has been increased half way or you have come in under budget in other areas, make sure you stick to the plan, otherwise you could end up in trouble!

The Unexpected

You need to be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes things crop up. The unexpected cost can arise and you need to make sure that you have a little bit in your budget for that. It's not always the case, but it so often can be, so if you have allocate a contingency margin, you are on a really good path!

In It Together

Remember that you are in this together as a couple. Always refer back to each other. Have constant conversations, discuss what is important to each of you, so that you're singing of the same hymn sheet. How much are you willing to spend on each areas? This all needs to be discussed right at the start, so that you don't butt head in the process and make your lives more stressful. It's about celebrating the pair of you together, so make sure you're in it together.

Avoid The Aftermath

The last thing you want after the wedding is the aftermath. When I say aftermath that's the bill that you hadn't really intended to have. One where you think, right i'm not sure where this money is coming from or that worse effects your honeymoon funds! Put simply, if you stay on track throughout your planning, this will not happen.

I hope you found this helpful. this is a topic i'm very passionate about. And thats coming from someone who doesn't overly love numbers! But to keep those stress and anxiety levels down, then we must plan our budget.

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photo 1: Sophie Duckworth Photography

Photo2: Mindy Coe Photography

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