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Introducing our Bluebird Fledgling- Brienne

Brienne Reher | Bluebird Creative Events Team | Behind The Brand

Hola I'm Brienne, yes like the cheese and the letter 'N', no not Brianne, Brianna or Bryony before you sit here wondering whilst reading the rest of this piece how you actually pronounce it. Aside from having unusually small feet and being slightly anal about pronunciation, I am the newest member of the Bluebird Creative team. Being just 19, some of you are probably thinking I have my life completely and utterly planned.. but by no means is that the case.

A little more about me:

I'm extremely pale.. as in Edward Cullen from Twilight level pale, have a witches cackle and not gonna lie have a mild addiction to 'Friends'. Although I have spent my grand total of 19 years having grown up in England, I am bilingual German and have been raised to believe in the undeniable value of hard work and self belief. Being dyslexic has in itself made me more resilient in my work ethic. It has taught me to be more relaxed when I approach things and always from a slightly different angle, which I think will aid my work with Bluebird Creative.

I have a love for all things sparkly and pink which coming from an ice skater is no surprise; I started having ice skating lessons when I was 7, competed in the British Solo ice dance championships for 5 years running with a top 5 ranking. More recently I paired up with my ice dance partner and have gone on an international training camp representing Great Britain at Junior level. Currently, we are training towards the next season, alongside working for Bluebird and are very excited for the future.

Styled Shoot | Wedding Industry | Surrey

Millbridge Court | Bluebird Creative | Hampshire | Wedding planners

Why Bluebird?

As well as being a complete skating nerd, I also discovered my creative flare whilst studying textiles at GCSE then going on to get a Distinction * in Fashion, at A level. Knowing my very brief creative background, Lauren, whom I met through skating, invited me to help out on a shoot and I fell in love with it. I love the planning aspect as well as the styling and making everything look pretty. I'm really looking forward to getting my creative on and working for such a fun, stylish and flexible company.

Brienne xx


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