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March Supplier of the month- MonAnnie Cakes and Confectionery

Today is part of our first 2 part series, not only has Fen kindly given us a little insight into working with her as your baker for your event, but we've also manage to get a cheeky recipe off her as well for you to try at home!!

So today read all about how she started and the process of creating your dream cake or dessert and next week we'll be sharing a delicious recipe, straight from the MonAnnie kitchen!

Lauren x

MonAnnie Cakes and Confectionery | Wedding Cake

My name’s Fen, and I am the owner and creative designer of MonAnnie.

I create cakes, desserts, and confectionery inspired by all the beautiful things in my life- flowers, music, fashion, and love.

I would describe our style as stylish, romantic and elegant. Combining a modern style of taller tiers with timeless elements like Sugar flowers, and delicate lace detail.

Celebration Biscuits | Hampshire | London | Surrey

Wedding Cake | Wedding Planners Surrey | Planning

MonAnnie was born from a challenging time in my life. While working as a hospital doctor, I became very unwell and had to take time away. Baking was initially my therapy, my release, my safe place… and it just grew to become a career.

Cakes and desserts at weddings have become really popular items in the last few years. There’s so much variety now- cakes come in all flavours under the sun, and can be accompanied with individually styled dessert tables to suit any sweet tooth.

With so much choice now, it’s not uncommon for couples to feel a little overwhelmed when deciding what to have at their wedding. Not to worry. Anyone you approach to help you with this should respond with kindness and a helping hand.

Wedding Cake Display | Surrey | London | Planner

Here are some of my top tips when choosing your sweet wedding day treats:

  1. Be open and honest about what you want. Really. Otherwise, how can you ever get it?

  2. Give your cake maker as much information as you can. Things like:

  3. The number of guests you are having

  4. Whether the cake is the main dessert or not

  5. Your budget

  6. Any dietary requirements

  7. Time of the year (it may affect what kind of cake you can have. Some products cope badly with hot summer days!)

Will go a long way towards helping us cake makers work in partnership with you to realise your vision.

  1. If possible, arrange a tasting and consultation, as this would help you and your cake maker get to know each other. Nothing helps a partnership get going like connecting over tea and cake.

  2. Share any inspiration you may have for your day- colours, themes, pieces of fabric, photos, a mood board… let’s brainstorm together.

  3. Bespoke cake makers love creating items that are unique to you. If you have anything special that signifies your relationship that we can incorporate on the cake, please share it! We’d love to recreate it in sugar.

  4. Don’t feel limited to just cake. Dessert tables are incredibly popular and a great way to celebrate love in style. Just ask!

S'mores Table | Party Planning | Surrey | London

Photos 2, 3 and 4 by Maxeen kim, photo 5 by Sophie Duckworth Photography

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