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It's Bluebird Creative's birthday!- How it all began..

Today we celebrate turning ONE! And wow what an exciting adventure this last year has been for us. This year marks a few big achievements for us, our business turning one and our relationship stretching a decade!

You may already be aware that Bluebird is run by myself and my husband, Simon. Seeing as today is also Valentine's day we thought we'd give you a little insight into how we met and our journey that led to Bluebird Creative.

Simon and Lauren goodman | Bluebird Creative

To give you a little history, we have been together now for 10 years (married 3.5yrs). Simon started out his career as a drummer in a pretty cool band- he was amazing (and i'm not just saying it because he's my husband)! However he decided to take his musical talents in a different direction and turned to events, working as a sound engineer, as well as keeping a toe still in drumming by teaching the occasional student.

I began my working life as an ice skating coach, which I still have a toe in, teaching students of all ages and standards, from beginner, to national standard. I was an ice dancer as a child, competing at nationals and becoming British champion (many moons ago!), so it was a natural progression to teach.

At the time of meeting Simon we had both been in these jobs for just over a year. I decided I wanted to relive my childhood dream of learning the drums and a friend of mine 'hooked me up' with her boyfriends best mate, who apparently taught them. Needless to say, the teacher was obviously Simon. I'll be honest I didn't really take much notice of him except to listen to instructions, as I was too excited to finally learn the drums (it was the one instrument my dad said no to as a kid). Anyway within a week he had texted me telling me he'd heard the band i'd been harping on about on the radio (Thirty Seconds to Mars) and would I like to go for a drink? I'll be honest, i'm still not sure if he ever did hear the band on the radio or not, but it worked either way.

Bury Court Barn Wedding Planners

In terms of work, Simon progressed in the industry and set up a sound hire company, alongside sound engineering. However, this wasn't something he was passionate about, so a few years later decided to move on.

I continued coaching and creating events within this for training camps and performances. I decided to set up a performance and dance school with a friend, along side my coaching and put on a few theatre shows for charity which were a great success. Although I enjoyed the day to day running of the school, it was the events side of it I really thrived on and so felt that the school wasn't the right path for me.

When pregnant with our daughter, Simon and I got chatting and came to the conclusion that with our different skill sets, we could offer more to clients in the events industry. That was where the idea for Bluebird Creative Events really started moving. We knew I would be slowing down as we were having a baby and we wanted something that would be flexible around a family, that we could build and be proud of. The timing just felt perfect albeit me growing in size and sluggishness. Once Ivy was born in July 2016, plans slowed a bit as we were thrown into new parenting chaos. But by January 2017, we were back on track and preparing to launch our new venture.

Simon and Lauren Goodman | Bluebird Creative Wedding Planners

A year in, we have done some fantastic photoshoots, helped run some beautiful events, created and styled themes and booked some lovely clients. Our network of suppliers is a group of amazing, hardworking entrepreneurs, who are truly fantastic at what they do. And we feel genuinely so lucky to work with them and our lovely clients.

So cheers to our adventure so far, we can't wait to keep riding it together and with you all as well!

L x

All couple photos by Mindy Coe photography.

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