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How to plan your Halloween

Copper Pumpkin tablescape

Are you thinking about throwing a halloween party? Need some inspiration on where to start?

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Halloween. My birthday is in fact on 31st October, so everyone assumes that every year I will host a halloween party in typical halloween fancy dress and decor. For many years I resisted the traditional, until a few years ago and we hosted a killer halloween party with full decor and costumes. It was fantastic!

However, what i'm trying to say is that you don't always have to go down the 'haunted' route to have a good Halloween party. Sometimes choosing alternative fancy dress themes still make for a cracking party, providing everyone puts in the effort and the theme is carried through all the styling and food.

I am partial to a good fancy dress theme and have dressed up as many different 'characters' in my time. In this blog post I have listed some fun theme ideas for your halloween or next fancy dress party. Remember to carry it throughout your styling and ensure everyones makes an effort, otherwise it will fall short.


1. Traditional spooky halloween - vampires, witches, skeletons, mummies, pumpkins etc

2. Super Heroes- either famous superheroes, or create your own

3. Kids tv shows

4. Pick an era- 1920's, swinging 60's, the year you were born, the Romans

5. When i'm old

6. What i wanted to be when I grew up

7. Celebrities

8. Apes Ski

9. Wild West

10. We go together- This could be things that are made to go together, such as peanut butter and jam, or celebrity couples.


Halloween fancy dress theme ideas

Some of the fun themes the Bluebird team have been part of!

Let us know what your next themed party is. If you need help with the planning or styling, get in touch!

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