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12 Things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task. You are putting a lot of trust in one person to capture the memories from what will no doubt be the best day of your lives. The last thing you want is to take that first look at your wedding pictures and be filled with disappointment.

To ensure that doesn’t happen and that you end up with photos that capture your day just as you remember it, then it is vital you consider a few things before deciding on your photographer.

As wedding and event planners, we have a list of questions that we will check with potential photographers. This is so that we can answer our couples questions and concerns before booking or recommending anyone new. However, we recommend our couples also read through the list to help them work out what it is that they want, therefore, making sure that we choose the right photographer for them and their wedding day! If you'd rather take this information in via video click HERE.

1. Firstly you need to decide on what style of photography you want on your wedding day. There are a few different styles out there, such as, traditional, photojournalistic/candid, natural light photography and fashion photography.

  • Traditional is a more posed style of photography

  • Photojournalistic or Candid is where the photographer catches moments happening, instead of setting them up and tends to stay in the background, letting things become more natural.

  • Natural light is when the photographer tries to use only natural light in their work, except in situations such as the evening, when a flash will need to be used.

  • Some photographers will do a combination of both traditional and Candid, by doing the Bride and Groom shoot, but then staying in the background for the remainder of the day. This is the most common style at weddings of late.

Bride a daughter moment

2. Create a Pinterest board

  • By creating a board of photos you like, you will work out what style of wedding photography you are drawn to. Showing this to your potential photographers will let them tell you if they work in that style, but also what it is you are after. We love a Pinterest board! Check out our wedding photography board for inspiration.

3. Is there an engagement or practice shoot included?

  • We feel this is such an important part of your wedding photography. If your photographer includes an engagement shoot, we say ‘fantastic!’ Not only do you get the opportunity to have a lovely afternoon with your beloved and some extra photos of you both, but most importantly, you will learn how your photographer shoots. Learning how they give direction and their style of shoot will make you feel more at ease on your wedding day. It also gives your photographer the opportunity to gauge how comfortable you are and whether they need to give more direction to help get the shots they know you want.

engagement shoot

4. Do they have a portfolio you can look through?

  • Having the opportunity to go through their portfolio means you can see how professional their images are. It will give you a sense of their style but can also reassure you that you have found someone who can take quality photos. You do not want to end up with bad quality pictures by someone who does a bit of photography on the side.

5. Have they worked at your wedding venue before? If not, can they do a site visit?

  • Having someone who knows your venue means they know where to get the best shots and which angles work best. They may know that round one corner is a gorgeous setting that will create the most amazing Bride and Groom shots. So if they haven’t shot at your venue before, no problem, but get them to pay a visit before your big day!

bride and groom field shot

6. Do they have insurance and will they have backup equipment on the day?

  • Definitely something worth asking your photographers to put your mind at ease that your day can go without a hitch!

7. How long will they work on the day?

  • Some photographers will arrive for the guest arrival at the ceremony and continue from there until the first dance. However most photographers will now turn up as requested by the Brides and take shots whilst the bridal party get ready. These are definitely lovely moments to look back on!

  • Some photographers don’t mind staying to take a few pictures of the wedding reception, however others may leave after the first dance. This is something to discuss with them. They may charge extra to stay a bit later

Ibiza wedding couple

8. Is there a second shooter on the day and are they included in the fee?

  • This is something to discuss with your photographer as it can vary. But having a second shooter can obviously increase the amount of shots, which hopefully means a higher percentage of perfect photos

9. Should you put together a list of shots you would like on the day?

  • Inevitably this will make everyone’s life a bit easier. Firstly there is then no chance of missing the shot you wanted with your beloved Grandparents or with your University friends. Secondly your wedding planner or a member of your wedding party (ushers are usually good at this task) is then able to get people ready for the upcoming shots without causing chaos. And lastly, you are then stress free knowing everything is being taken care of.

confetti wedding shot

10. In what format will you receive your images?

  • Discuss how your photographer delivers your photos. Will they be on a USB, disc or do you only get to select some for a photo album.

  • Ask if they will be Hi Res JPEGS (easily printable)

11. Will your photos be retouched?

  • It's always good to find out if they retouch your photos? If you have a photographer that lets you choose a selection of the photos, will they retouch after you have made your selection? If they give you all the photos of the day on a USB, will they retouch all the pictures before you view them?

ibiza beach wedding photo

12. Who has the rights to your photos and how will the photographer store them?

  • Does your photographer store your photos and how long for? It's always good to find this out in case you loose your copy or want to get more.

  • Finding out who has the rights to the images is vital. If you don’t own the rights, you may not be able to share the images on social media or get more copies printed for family members. A lot of wedding photographers nowadays give you the rights to the photos of your day. They may ask permission to use them for occasional marketing for their business or that may be a term for you owning the rights?

  • If you don’t own the rights, find out if family members are able to buy their own copies of the pictures so they too can treasure those special moments!

Lauren x

Questions to ask your wedding photographer before booking!

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