Different Ways to Plan Your Wedding

So which one are you? Which way are you planning your wedding? Not what type of bride are you, this is more about the way your planning and styling your wedding. But I have included what type of bride I think goes with each planning type.

I have a feeling I already know which type you are but, read until the end to see which type you think you are!

I have created the names of these types of planners so bare with me!

So let's jump in!

'I really want to know which style you are doing!'


This is you, if you're jumping into the wedding planning all on your own having never done it before (like most of us), have no idea what you're doing but diving straight in, in the dark but are willing to find your way and work it out.

You're going on friends recommendations, on supplier recommendations, you're going to make loads of stuff and you're just going to work it all out as you go along. You're also happy for suppliers to tell you when and what happens next or at each stage.

Types of Brides: Bit Scatty, Laidback, Chilled, Easy-going, Go-with-the-flow


This is you, if you also don't have an idea on how to plan a wedding or where to start but you're the person who wants to know how to plan your wedding without just hoping it's all going to slot into place.

You are the person that's on YouTube watching videos and wanting to learn and understand more about how the wedding planning process works as you want to be accountable for each part, not make mistakes and make