All You Need to Know About Marquee Weddings

If you're considering having a marquee or tent wedding then please keep reading to get all the advice from myself and an expert on them before you make your decision. They may seem like a lovely idea but you'll be surprised how much is involved!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Coastal Tents who kindly gave me their top tips when planning a marquee wedding so that you don't make any costly mistakes, as you're basically building a venue from scratch... so let's jump right in!

You're basically building a venue from scratch...


Find the right site.

You need to find the right location for your marquee, whether that's in your back garden, in a beautiful field or by a lake, it's the backdrop for your wedding so it needs to be right!


Think about the sites logistics.

Think about what the location is actually like and whether it could have a marquee in it. A flat site is obviously much more preferable but a sloping site can also work depending on the gradient of the slope. Tipi tents work much better on slopping ground rather than traditional marquees due to the way they are pitched and built. The other way to put a marquee on a sloping site is to build a scaffold base which then creates a flat floor of your marquee but this does become more costly.

Also, consider the orientation of the marquee, what do you want behind it, what do you want to look out onto, for example, you may want to look out over the lake whilst having dinner or have a beautiful stately home behind.