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Your Wedding Planning Questions Answered

Updated: May 20, 2022

Last week I asked you guys over on my Facebook group what was it you really needed to know or was there anything really bugging you? The response was crazy and we had some really interesting responses!

First dance conundrum

The first question up was "What is the alternative to a first dance". Now, they weren't asking for something altogether different, they wanted to know what other options they could think about, considering their generation go to clubs and bars where slow dancing is very limited. They want to feel comfortable and enjoy this 'first dance' moment and want it to be a reflection on them as a couple. My answer is simple! Pick a song that means something to you, whether it be upbeat and fast tempo or a little alternative. You don't have to slow dance. If you're a little worried about being the only two on the dance floor, ask your bridal party in advance if they wouldn't mind joining you from the start. Try not to worry or stress about this, choose something that is personal to you. Do YOU! Its your wedding day.

Stylish footwear can come in many forms

Next up, "Can you wear comfy shoes that are still stylish?". YES! Yes you can. I have been partial to a high heel in my time. But these days I'm more about comfort. And lets face it, you want to enjoy your day as much as you can. You don't want to be constantly thinking about how much your feet hurt. And there are some amazing shoes out there nowadays that aren't as high and way more comfortable. ASOS has some great options, and a mid heel or even a block heel would provide you with a bit more balance. Even a trainer if that's your thing. Jazz it up guys! It can still look stylish. On my wedding day in the evening, I wore converse. I restyled them with some diamantes and a hotfix gun and it meant I was able to dance the night away and I was super comfy. And remember, you can have your dress made or altered to the correct length, so don't forget to take those shoes with you to your fittings.

Are veils a waste of money?

Our next questions was "Should you or should you not have a veil, and is it a waste of money?". To be honest this is very personal to you. I didn't have a veil myself on my wedding day. But looking back now, I wish I had worn one for the ceremony and maybe the drinks reception. I think they're really pretty and add a little something. They're also a nice way to transition your overall look from the first part of the day into the evening without doing a full outfit change. Does your dress or outfit lend well to having one? It's completely up to you!

Sticking with the wedding attire chat, "What does the Groom wear and should it match the Groomsmen?". You know my motto guys, you do you! There are no set rules here. Don't over think it. Do what you want to do and what makes you happy. If you're going formal, people tend to have the Groom and Groomsmen in the same style suit in the same colour. And maybe the Groom would have a tie or cravat in a different colour or a slightly different waistcoat to pick them out against the rest. If you've chosen a less traditional suit, you could have the same style but a different colour to the others. It's about making you stand out and differentiating you from the Groomsmen. Similarly, bridesmaids can wear the same dress in the same colour, or they can wear different dresses in the same or similar colours. That way you can spot them and know they are part of the bridal party.

The Bag of Dreams

I do recommend that my couples consider compiling a 'Bag of Dreams'. Now, the Bag of Dreams for me, AKA my emergency kit, is something I cannot live without as a wedding planner. Most items like Blu Tack, cable ties, extension leads, hooks, hammers and all the random things for the just in case moments are just for me. But I do advise you create a bag with things like spare tights (if you're wearing them), blister plasters, paracetamol, lipstick, hair grips... ALL the emergency things. The questions was "Does my Maid of Honour have to carry this around with them on the day. The answer is no. This can be carried to each location or part of the day and put somewhere safe. It can be placed on or under a chair at the top table where it can be reached easily if the moment presents itself. Please don't carry it around with you all day.

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

Really good question next: "What should I do with the Brides and bridesmaid's bouquet after the ceremony?" You know me guys, I love to repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. I hate the idea of money being wasted and hate the idea of flowers being wasted. You could ask you florist to incorporate them as part of the table centres or you could use them to style up a table where your guest book might be. You may want to keep and press your bouquet or you might want to go down the traditional route and throw it for someone to catch. Use it, where can you put it where it will look pretty throughout the day?

Choosing a venue and navigating the guest list

"How do we choose a venue when we don't know how many guests are attending?" I would say you need to write out your guest list and then base your search on that number. I would also consider if there is a minimum number of guests allowed and rule any out if you think you won't reach that minimum. It is a bit catch 22 and it isn't easy, but narrow it down like that and you're off to a good start. Once you've chosen your venue, send those invites out, and if they love you, they'll attend. Same goes for destination weddings, choose your venue because you love it and you think you should hit the minimum number of guests required.

Create a mood or atmosphere with lighting

Last question for the day and its something people often overlook, and that is lighting and audio visual. The questions was "What other options are out there other than uplighters?". It might not be something you have room for in your budget. But lighting is more often something that just isn't thought about and it can really create a certain mood and atmosphere. There are a few options out there; uplighters, fairy lights, canopy's and neon signage is another effective and on-trend option. Depending on what you choose, including one of these lighting ideas can create a really nice backdrop or moment near a photo booth, behind the cake or top table.

So there you are, a few more questions answered for you and I hope this has been useful. Until next week, have a good one and happy planning!

Lauren xx

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