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Wild West Meets Modern Boho Chic Wedding Design

Across the wedding industry, we have seen the birth of the modern chic bohemian couple grow in to more than just a destination wedding trend. Couples across the UK (& far beyond!) have been embracing a relaxed, natural and wild ambience to their weddings, bringing a truly rustic, almost industrial meets Texan vibe.

This vibe really lends itself to bringing together couples’ true passions for the outdoors, as well as utilising natural products for both décor and styling.

Together with Fresh Shoot, and a range of extremely talented suppliers, we brought the concept of Wild West Meets Boho Chic together. As a team we really wanted to celebrate the outdoors and everything that can be brought to life with that concept, such as; how dried flowers can be used across your whole wedding theme (& not just confetti!), the DIY aspects to your wedding that can add a real depth of chic to your design ...etc!

This concept was also a really great way of showing how you can bring a couples passion to life on their wedding day. For those that enjoy the outdoors, are keen gardeners, see the outdoors space as a sanctuary, you absolutely can encapsulate this into their wedding day.

There was no question that the venue for this concept was pivotal. If we wanted to celebrate the outdoors, I really needed to find a venue that could sing for itself. Silchester Farm was just that ~ nestled in the Hampshire countryside, a glorious piece of rural escapism that features a 400-year old oak beamed restored barn which perfectly brought the Texan vibes. The character this venue brings tied in to the overall concept so well. The space truly allowed us as a team of suppliers to bring our vision to life and our imaginations (as well as concept..!) to run wild!

The Bridal Look

We really wanted to bring the theme into the overall bridal look, again, embracing her natural and relaxed nature. Melissa from Melissa Oldridge Bridal brought this to life in the make up & hair styling which mirrored the shades and tones of the décor, and the overall. Her hair was styled in a very natural relaxed way, adding texture through the use of a slight wave. The boho feel was brought through with the use of lace into her attire. We also wanted to make this shoot inclusive by using women who are true to size. Hannah Maclennan supplied both bridal outfits from her boutiques; Lush Curve and Bride by Aster. The second bride also mirrored a lace feature, relaxed styled dress, accompanied with a truly boho flower head piece, supplied by Folkey Dolkey. The colours of which mirrored the table décor.

Both brides had bouquets provided and made up by MudUrban which completed both looks with that final touch of bohemian chic.

The groom’s outfit was also kept in theme, showcasing how the modern-day grooms are now embracing their wedding in more ways such as; the colours they feature. The days of a black only suit have truly vanished, grooms are embracing a broader range of colours and bringing that personality! We opted for a striking burnt orange jacket, supplied by Black Tie Crowthorne, which complemented the tones of the dried flowers.

Modern Wild West Styling

The venue really set the tone for a wild west vibe. When styling a more industrial styled venue, bringing together impactful colours is imperative for creating that warmth. We were really conscious of this and wanted to combine colours and textures that didn’t overshadow the venue, but actually complemented and enriched it.

Utilising textured rugs in outdoor settings, not only brings an additional layer to the overall look, but also a great douse of colour. We used these in several pivotal areas of the venue. Texture was also brought through in the stationery and calligraphy supplied by Louise from Lou Paper.

We took a minimalistic table and brought it to life with textured crockery supplied by Couvert and pops of colour achieved through the candles & dried flowers. We really wanted to show couples that you can achieve impactful table décor quite simply with different textured crockery without over decorating a table. Props and furniture were supplied by the wonderful Nikki at The Toast.

Celebrating Dried Flowers

If you can’t spot a dried flower somewhere in this shoot, I’d be very surprised! We wanted to utilise dried flowers across the theme of the wedding and also showcase how you can take one of your elements and recycle them in several ways. When it comes to the design of a wedding, it’s so important to have common themes running throughout to really ‘brand’ each area of the day. Not only does recycling products lend itself to being a more sustainable choice, it can also be very cost effective. The brides bouquet featured dried flowers, as well as Pampas (supplied by Pampas Collective, styled on the day by Bluebird Creative) to create length and texture. The placenames also featured a small collection of dried flowers, as well as the button holes (supplied by MudUrban Flowers).

Cocktail O’Clock

To bring the relaxed and fun edgy feel of the couple, we incorporated an array of Espresso Martinis. The colour of this cocktail worked really well with the rest of the setting and lent itself to that nature / rustic feel.

The Cake

Becky from Dotty Rose did an amazing job to bring the cake in line with the overall theme, mirroring the colours used in the styling into the inside of the cake. Keeping the outside of the cake minimalistic with just a floral piece to showcase, really created that modern feel. The layering inside of different coloured sponges then gave that impact of rustic warmth.

It’s A Wrap!

It was so important that this creation was captured in the right way and Amelia from Fresh Shoot really caught the ambience in her photography. We really wanted everyone to feel immersed in the natural beauty of this venue and nature as a whole.

Wild West Meets Modern Boho Chic really demonstrates how couples can bring their passions to life and utilise natural spots of beauty. We hope as a group of suppliers you are immersed in the warmth of nature from this concept and it inspires you to embrace outdoor spots.

If you're struggling with bringing your design ideas to life then we can help! I'm passionate about interpreting couples ideas and personalities and bringing them to life in the details of the day. So what are you waiting for get in touch now or take a look at our design services.

This shoot wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for this amazing bunch of people:

Photographer: Fresh Shoot @freshshoot

Dried Flower Crown: Folkey Dokey @f.o.l.k.y.d.o.k.e.y

Bouquet & Button Holes: MudUrban Flowers @mudurbanflowers

Dried Flowers for DIY Props: Pampas Collective @pampascollective

Props & Furniture: The Toast @toasthq

Crockery & Tableware: Couvert @couverthire

Dress Boutique: Lush Curve @lushcurvebridal (solo model) and Bride by Aster @bridebyaster (model couple)

Shoes: Asos

Stationery: Lou Paper @loupaper_

Model Couple: Kelly & Tasos @kellyevamay

Candles: H&M Home @hmhome


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