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What To Do The Morning Of Your Wedding

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

So the morning of your wedding is a super exciting time. Whether you're a bride or groom you should still take these points in and then as always use them as suggestions with what works best for you.

So let's just dive straight in to my 10 things to do the morning of your wedding.

1. Eat!

This may seem obviously, but you'll be surprised by the amount of brides that forget to consider this on the morning of their wedding. You end up so consumed in everything else for the day, you forget to sort food for you whilst your getting ready. Whether you're getting ready at your venue and arrive the morning of the wedding, or you stayed the night before, or whether you're getting ready at doesn't matter, you must remember food!

Sort yourself a selection of fruits, some pastries or whatever floats your boat. But eat breakfast first thing and remember you will need a light lunch as well! If you are getting married at 12pm, you won't sit down for your meal until at least 2/2.30pm absolute earliest. If you have a later ceremony it will be later.

You do not want to be feeling hungry or worse, faint on your wedding day :)

2. Consider your clothes

Now I obviously don't mean what you'll be wearing on the day. you'll have been considering that since you got engaged! But on the morning of, you need to think about what you'll be wearing. Don't throw on a roll neck jumper for example and then expect to keep your hair and makeup in place when you take it off. So consider a large neck or zip up top. Or perhaps you and you girls will have the matching robes to wear on the morning. These are gorgeous and make great photos too!

3. Hair and Makeup

So if you have decided to have a professional do you hair and makeup on the morning of your wedding, make sure you have read through their instructions. They may have asked that you wash your hair the night before and not the morning of your wedding. They may also ask you don't put moisturiser on and so it. Everyone is different, but make sure you know what is expected, so you get the best outcome.

You'll also need to have made a note of who is having their hair and makeup done first and at what time, if you are all having a professional. You professional, will likely send you their proposed schedule.

4. Spend it together

You will likely not be spending your morning getting ready solo. So enjoy that time with your team. Whether its bridesmaids and your mum, or your best men and ushers. Spend the whole morning together, talking about the day ahead, taking in the moment and making amazing memories!

5. A special note

I love this one! You may decide that writing your own vows isn't for you. I wanted to be one of those brides, but my confidence back then to write my own vows and read them infant of everyone I know, just wasn't there. For me those words were personal. I never like anyone reading our anniversary cards to each other!

So for anyone like me, consider writing each other a note for your partner to open the morning of the wedding, whilst getting ready! It can be such an emotional and wonderful part of your morning and a great alternative to personal vows.

6. Bubbles

This is obviously personal, but in my opinion, you can't have a celebration without a glass of bubbles! Pop some bubbles and enjoy a glass throughout the morning whilst getting ready. Perhaps don't overindulge though. You want to get through your vows!

Guys, pretty often my clients will pop to the local pub with the groomsmen for a quick pint in preparation for the ceremony. It helps calm the nerves, brings everyone together and is a great start to an amazing day.

7. Trust your team

This is super important! The I say 'team', I mean your suppliers. Trust that on the morning of your wedding, they have got your back. They will set everything up as you want it and are just 'on it!'. You chose them for a reason.. hopefully because they got your vision and suited your style. So you have nothing to worry about!

If you know you will still be stressed or worrying in the morning, I highly suggest you contact a wedding coordinator! They can liaise with all suppliers on your behalf and oversee everything, so you can relax. they will ensure they know your vision, can chase anything that isn't quite right and correct it for you.

But as I said, you chose your team for a reason, trust in them and enjoy your money!

8. Music

Music evokes memories! So does smell, but I think music will definitely take you back to a time when you first heard a song, or an era when you over listened to a song.

So why not think about what music you want to have playing the morning of your wedding. You may just want to listen to the radio. you may want to put together a playlist of your favourites or perhaps even tracks from your hen do and reminisce over the fun throughout the morning. Whatever you choose, consider what it might be.

9. Photos / Video

If you have hired a professional photographer and videographer, they will be present during part of your prep in the morning. so make sure you have had a chat and have let them know of any shots you may like. for example first look from FOB, or if you are doing personal notes, let the photographer know, so they can catch your reaction. You may want a picture of your dress hanging up. They may also make some suggestions.

If you have chosen a candid, documentary style photographer / videographer, they will likely fit into the background and you won't notice them too much. So don't panic about being able to relax.

10. The bag of dreams

Now this would usually be referred to as the bride bag, but long story short, pre wedding planner, when I was a maid of honour for the first time. I named the brides bag, 'the bag of dreams'. And I made sure it had EVERYTHING we needed for the day in it. Now obviously don't leave this to the bride to look after. This should be the maid of honour and bridesmaids duty.

I always suggest filling ti with extra hair pins, hairspray, mints, blister plasters, lipstick and so on. All the little extras that will come in super helpful on the day!

Make sure this is packed and ready on the morning and don't forget to add your lips in once your makeup is done (I always recommend buying the lipstick, so that you can top up throughout the day!)

Bonus: Relax and Enjoy!!

It is the morning of the best day of your life, don't stress, take it all in, make memories, relax and enjoy. It will be amazing!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


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