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Understanding SEO with Stacy Oakley- The Content Collective Podcast

S2 Episode 11: With Guest Stacy Oakley of SO Engaged and SO Calligraphy



This week's guest Stacy is a calligrapher and wedding stationer, but in her previous “life” (pre-covid!) she helped run a digital marketing agency in London for 15 years. With a wealth of experience in SEO, Stacy decided to combine her two passions and set up SO Engaged, empowering wedding business owners (mostly women) to take control of their own SEO, and helping them realise that it doesn’t have to be all tech and code.

[1:04] - Intro

Introducing this week's guest

[2:16] - Stacy introduces herself and tells us of her journey into d entrepreneurship and how her SEO expertise fits into that journey.

[5:36] - We discuss what SEO actually is and how it doesn't have to be this mind-boggling part of running your business.

[7:54) - We dive into the first steps to understanding and using SEO on your website. Choosing and understanding the right keywords and getting eyeballs over to your site.

[13:10] - How can you really optimise your site? We start to get a little technical here, but not too much to the point of it being unachievable. Stacy shares some incredible tips, so make sure you have your pad ready for this part.

[20:13] - We discuss blogging in a little more depth.

[16:00] - Video Trends?

We talk about video trends we've seen over the past few months and what we think is coming.

[20:15] - What do you love about what you do?

Phoebe tells us about how she loves the variety and creativity in what she does.

[23:15] - A little more on keywords and H1 tags and how this can make an impact on our SEO.

[24:45] - We discuss how long it can take for google to start recognising your website.

[28.15] We talk through Stacy's plans for 2022 and onwards.

[30:16] - I ask Stacy our weekly guest question " What is entrepreneurship to you?"


Links mentioned in the Episode

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