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What's the difference between and wedding planner and wedding coordinator?

There can often be a lot of confusion between the roles of a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. They have a lot of similarities, but are also very different services. A wedding planner for example will provide the services that a wedding coordinator does, however a wedding coordinator doesn't provide the same services as a wedding planner. With me so far?????

Simply put....... a Wedding Planner, plans you're wedding with you and a Wedding Coordinator helps coordinate your wedding day.

Wedding coordinator
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So let's break down the difference of the two roles to hopefully clear up any confusion between them:

Wedding Planner

  • A wedding planner will usually be brought on board right at the start of your wedding planning journey. Either before anything else has begun in your planning or occasionally once the couple have booked their venue.

  • A wedding planner puts in a vast amount of hours. Planning a wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan and your planner will be putting in anything up to that if they are on board right from the start.

  • A wedding planner will be there to help you know what needs to be done when during your planning. Keeping you to your schedule and making all the steps that little bit easier.

  • They will help you with your budget. Knowing where to spread your costs, where to save and even helping you avoid costly mistakes with their experience. they will also keep track of the budget throughout and ensure a payment schedule is kept to for you.

  • A wedding planner will communicate with all your suppliers. Recommending ones they feel fit your theme, style and budget along with communicating with suppliers on your behalf and updating you on any decision you need to make and so fourth.

High Billinghurst Barn Wedding Planner
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  • A wedding Planner will deal with the majority of your wedding admin. Freeing up your time to enjoy your engagement and planning. You would be required to sign contracts and look through details and designs, but a planner will deal with the day to day admin to keep everything on track. they will also let you know when certain tasks need to be completed.

  • There is a considerably different cost between a planner and coordinator, due to the different amount of hours involved in the service.

  • A planner will manage the set up of your wedding and oversee and coordinate the whole day, to make sure everything runs to plan.

  • They are usually the first supplier on board with your planning and the last to sign off, once all rentals are returned after the wedding day itself.

  • A planner will provide all the services of the coordinator in addition to these tasks.

UK Wedding Planner
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Wedding Coordinator

  • A wedding coordinator will begin working for you about 4 weeks before your wedding day.

  • They will contact all suppliers to let them know they are your point of contact for the wedding day itself and will gather any additional information from each supplier, which they feel is required for the day to run smoothly.

  • A coordinator will create your on the day schedule and send it out to all suppliers as well as having you sign off on it. This way everyone is on the same page.... literally.

  • A wedding coordinator will be there on your wedding day to oversee setup and coordinate/manage the day fro you to ensure it runs smoothly, every task is complete and every details is just so!

  • A coordinator will usually be on site for a set amount of hours on your wedding day.

  • Once your coordinator leaves site in your wedding day, their service is complete.

  • The cost is considerable less than a planner as they begin their role 4 weeks before the day with set hours as opposed to the potential 250 hours input from a planner.

  • For more details on a wedding coordinator, check out this blog post.

Wedding Planner in Surrey
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So there you have it. Hopefully that clears up the difference between the two job roles and services of a wedding planner and wedding coordinator. For more information on how I run these services, then you can check them out HERE

Lauren xx.


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