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The Content Collective Podcast - Courage, Resilience and the Fear of Failure

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Episode 8 : Courage, Resilience and the Fear of Failure



This weeks episode I'm getting personal and telling you about my story during the pandemic which started with the fear of failure as the whole wedding industry shut down and my whole income disappeared, but how I found the courage and resilience to change my business to make it work during that time and how it's pushed my business into the current position it's in today and I'm actually really bloody grateful for it, even if it's hard to re-live and remember those times.

[1:01] - Welcome Back

A little life update on what I've been up to and how I'm feeling about stepping over the mid thirty's bridge!

[4:07] - What the Episode is All About

The inspiration behind this episodes raw topic of courage, resilience and the fear of failure.

[6:55] - My Story

Start at the beginning of my personal journey of the fear of failure which started a year ago (through the pandemic) and find out how I found my courage and resilience during that time to not give up as it really wasn't an option.

[16:37] - Fear of Failure

Let's talk about it. The fear of failure keeps us safe but it also keeps us small and stops us from taking on new challenges that allow us to grow, so learn to use it properly for self-progress.

[22:05] - Thank you

Sorry for getting emotional whilst talking about my story but I hope it inspires each and everyone one of you to be courageous and resilient to help your business and yourself grow.


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Happy listening!

Lauren xx

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