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The Content Collective Podcast - Brand Shoots

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Episode 5 : Brand Shoots



This weeks episode I've got my wonderful friend that I've been working with on weddings (she was actually my wedding photographer) and brand shoots for the past 7 years, Mindy Coe! Mindy founded her own photography business over 17 years ago and truly is amazing at what she does. She specialises in weddings, family and brand shoots and that's why we're speaking to her to gain her knowledge about all things to do with brand shoots!

[1:01] - Intro to Mindy Coe Photography

Find out about what we're discussing in the podcast and more about Mindy Coe and her journey into photography and my work relationship with her!

[10:36] - Brand Photography

Discover why brand photography is so so important right now for any business! Especially when it comes to selling your brand and who you are on social media.

[20:01] - Knowing Your Brand before Approaching a Photographer

Understand how important it is to understand your brand and your brand values before approaching a photographer to create a brand shoot for your business otherwise you might not end up with the true representation of your brand that you imagined.

[26:15] - Finding the Right Photographer

It's important to find the right photographer for you as photographers will also have their own ideal clients to match their brand identity as well, so it's crucial that you both have a connection to bring the best out of each others brands.

[35:35] - Final Question: What is Entrepreneurship to Mindy Coe?

What are Mindy's thoughts on what entrepreneurship is, she really is passionate about this question!

[37:11] - Secret Reveal!

For those interested in my Style Your Socials Right Mastermind Course, I reveal a little secret for what's included.


So guys, I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of The Content Collective. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, and we would love for you to leave us a review and let us know what you thought!

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx

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