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The Content Collective Podcast - Understanding Your Brand

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Episode 3 : Understanding Your Brand



Welcome back to Episode 3 of The Content Collective! Today's episode is another solo show where I'm discussing how to understand your brand inside out so that you can build a successful brand, because once you know who you are and your business in depth there really is no limit to where your brand could go to!

[2.26] - Intro Into Understanding Your Brand Can you sum up your brand and it’s value in three words? It’s the first thing I ask to any of my mentoring clients which we always come back to and guess what their response is… they laugh!

[4.04] - What is a Personal Brand?

Understand if you own or run a personal brand, are you the face that humanises your services or product? Make your clientele want to connect with you rather than connect with the brand.

[5.49] - Brand Identity

you need to know your brand identity to understand your brand pillars and then your social media strategy as they all link together in one fluid motion!

[7.36] - My Journey

Listen to my journey of how I learnt to understand my brand identity to help you understand yours.

[14.05] - My Four Words

Positive, Stylish, Empowering, Approachable - they’re not describing what I do but describing me as a person and therefore my brand and find out why these are my brand words.

[19.06] - Building Your Brand Identity is Key

The conclusion as to why you should really try to understand your brand identity, it not only connects you to your brand it connects the right clientele to your brand. And don’t feel that you can’t change that, your identity can also grow and change over time.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks podcast and it's given you a positive mindset to start really understand your brand identity because when you do your business will start to soar!


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Happy listening!

Lauren xx

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