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Running an online gifting brand with profit for mental health - The Content Collective Podcast

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

S3 Episode 10: With SevenSeventeen: Running an online gifting brand and gifting profit for mental health



This week we have another guest episode with the lovely ladies, Sarah and Naomi, from SevenSeventeen - two friends and former magazine journalists whose love for scented candles inspired them to launch their own vegan-friendly collection, that not only smells good but DOES good too! They share their story of setting up a sustainable mood boosting candle business from their kitchen counter, that started out only 6 years ago. Since then they've gone on to work with the likes of Dr Alex George, Giovanna Fletcher and Stacey Soloman and have created an incredibly success brand. Not only are their products incredible but they give 10% of profits to mental health charities, having already donated over £50k! to three charities that are close to their hearts, which I think is truly amazing and a great ethos to have for a business.

[0:56] - Intro

Learn the story of how Sarah and Naomi's business came to be, once they both moved to the Sussex Coast and had babies.

[4:49] - Journey to a New Craft

Listen to how they learnt their new skills to creating their new business and mirrored their beliefs.

[7:44] - Mood Boosting

Sarah and Naomi tell us how they created their scents and soothing mantras.

[10:55] - Supporting Mental Health Charities

This is an extremely important ethos to Sarah and Naomi, it was something they knew they wanted to support from the offset so they made sure it was always built into the business model.

[15:48] - Advice for Starting Your Own Business

Listen to Sarah and Naomi's advice for starting your own business.

[20:38] - Challenges

It's all about taking challenges day by day and how you learn from them.

[25:41] - What's Next

Find out what's next for SevenSeventeen including moving into soaps and lotions and gift sets and whats to come in 2023.

[31:00] - Three Fundamentals

What are Sarah and Naomi's three fundamentals to their business that they cannot live without, find out more!

[32:30] - What Does Entrepreneurship Mean to You

Listen to Sarah and Naomi's answer to this question that I ask all my guests, their answer includes risk taking, grafting and just keep going.


Mental Health Charities SevenSeventeen Donate To

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