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My 2022 Book List

So back in 2020, I started dipping a toe into reading some personal development books a little more. This is something my husband has been doing for years and has also recommended a gazillion books to me. However, I've not read much since becoming a mum and prior to that, it was romcoms and Harry Potter.

But what with the lockdowns and perhaps a new want to grow as I pivoted in my business, I began dipping a toe. But the habit didn't last. As soon as there was a tiny signal that business could get going again, all my eggs were in the 'let's get this business moving again' camp.

However, I forgot how much I enjoyed learning. Growing, up levelling myself and also taking time for myself.

Audiobooks have been a great interim and are perfect for when I'm driving, walking or cooking the kids dinners. But this year my friends, this is the year of the book!

So why am I sharing this?

Well, I started sharing how I'm allowing myself about 10minute every morning to read. Just 10 minutes. Sometimes it looks like 3 pages and sometimes I get through more and read for longer. There's no pressure and my theory is progress is progress. 3 pages are still more growth, more information and a little more book under my belt.

This seemed to resonate a lot with my Instagram followers and a few have taken on the same approach.

So I thought I'd share with you my plan for this year. What books are on my list and how it's going?

The year started with me saying "I want to read 6 books this year". But that seems to have slowly morphed into "wouldn't it be great to read 1 book per month". Now that is likely a little too big a task for me as I'm still a newbie to this habit. I'm a firm believer in adding new habits gradually and don't go full whack or it won't be sustainable. So I'm keeping the 6, with a little voice telling me (if you do finish it in a month, that's a bonus!).

As I write this, it's currently 1st February 2022 and I have a little bit left of my first book of the year, which is Working Hard, Hardly Working, By Grace Beverly. It's a great book about productivity and goal setting, which I am very big on.

I would say if you're new to time blocking, goal setting and productivity hacks, then this book is great for you. I already implement most of the things in the book, but I've still found it a really insightful read and love her personality. She's very inspiring for such a young entrepreneur. She's also read a hella lot of books!

If you'd like to read along with me, then check out my book list so far for 2022 here.

I'm going to be sharing on Instagram which book I'm reading and what my next ones will be, so you can always follow along.

My next book is going to be ' The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a f**k', by Sarah Knight. Literally can't wait!

I've also added a few of my favourite books to my book list, so you can dip a toe into those as well. They include authors such as James Clear and Rachel Hollis. Definitely check them out!

Lauren xx

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