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Intimate Uk Weddings For Up To 10 People

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So the government may be allowing weddings 'anywhere' for up to 10 people from July 2020.

This means that outdoor weddings anywhere will potentially be legalised and that 10 people will also be able to gather inside for a wedding ceremony (at a safe distance).

So perhaps we should talk about how this could work for you?

How to change your plan A to this plan B, or perhaps it's even plan C?

Let's talk about your options and how you can still make this change special for you and your fiancé.

Why You Might Decide To Keep Your Date and Go ahead With An Intimate Wedding?

Ok let's look at it this way........

You have set your wedding date, been looking forward to it for some time and bang Coronavirus scuppers your plans, emotions and everything in between. It's looking like you will have to postpone your whole wedding. But then they announce that you may still be able to get married, but with just 10 people present including yourselves at the ceremony.

Now obviously this isn't what you had imagined your wedding day to look like. No doubt you had all your friends and family invited, had put meticulous thought into all the details and were looking forward to your wedding, followed by a great celebration!

The way I see it is..........

You planned your wedding day because you want to get married. There is now a chance that you can, but just not quite how you envisaged it. If you decide that the most important thing here is to become husband and wife. Through all the emotions that you have been put through over the last few months, you may decide that having a ceremony and getting legally married to your fiancé, be it with a very small group of super important people, is above everything, the most important thing to you.

Now that's not to say you should feel bad for still wanting to party, to celebrate and perhaps morning the wedding you had planned. you have EVERY right to do that and want that! But you may decide that right now, this is what makes you happy, because LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

How Can You Make It Work For You?

So perhaps your on the fence about having an intimate wedding because you so desperately want to celebrate with everyone!

But what if you still could?

What if you chose to get married in an intimate wedding, then postponed your reception to a date in 2021? I see this as a huge win win. You still get to have a beautiful love story, get married and confirm your love for each other. then when it's safe to do so celebrate in style with all those people you love and care about. Wear your dress twice, include all the details you had before or reimagine things. whatever suits you! I'd love to have had the chance to wear my dress twice!

Ideas To Make An Intimate Wedding Super Special

So you decide you want to get married and have a small intimate wedding in 2020.

We don't have much information to go on right now, but it sounds like you may be a able to get married anywhere. that means you could still get married at your desired location. Or even in your back garden, or somewhere that means something to you!

Have those very special people attend and celebrate together, possibly at home?

What if you could get married in your back garden, decorate it to make it special. Then set up the most gorgeous alfresco dining for your special guests (considering social distancing). Relaxed food, beautiful details, intimate and special? Striped back, to what it's all about?

Think palette tables, cushions, rugs, throws, hanging lanterns, beautiful food, grazing tables, music and everyone that is special. It really can make a wonderful love story!

If you'd like to chat about styling up an intimate wedding to make your love story epic, then let's start the conversation!

Happy Planning

Lauren x


Beauitful images by Mindy Coe Photography

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