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How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

If you are anything like me, then you LOVE flowers at weddings. I am a real flowers girl all the way. You can beat the smell and vibe that they add to a wedding. But flowers can add up quite quickly.

Every bride has a different budget and different priorities for their wedding day. My brides tend to love flowers just as much as me, but they can't always have everything they want. So I thought I would give my 5 top tips for on how to be budget savvy with your wedding flowers. You can still create impact and fill a room with beauty, but will these tips you can create that vibe within your own budget.

Thank you to Kate Avery Flowers for chatting through these tips with me!

1. Time of Year

If flowers are one of the key factors and most important elements for your wedding day, it is a good idea to think about the time of year you are getting married. Florists buy their flowers at auction usually from Holland and during peek times, such as Valentines, Mothers day and Christmas, prices hike. Which means that the price increase gets passed down the chain to you. So avoid those times of year if you have a set budget for flowers, but want to incorporate them as much as possible in your day!

2. Seasonal

Now don't get confused with tip 1. When I say seasonal I mean in regards to the flowers on offer at the time of your you are getting married. So if you are getting married in August, don't expect to get Peonies as their season is May. However if a florist says they can get them for you, you will no doubt be paying a premium to have them shipped in from somewhere as it is the wrong time of year. A good tip is to choose your colour palette and choose your aesthetic. Approach your florist with the style you like and the colours that you want within that look and let them choose what to put into the design that fits with that style. that way they can choose flowers that are in season and therefore more budget friendly. Choosing roses can be more expensive, but letting your florist pick spring blooms such as tulips, muscari and hyacinths can work out cheaper, but still look and smell beautiful.

3. Repurpose

Now this tip is king if you ask me. If you are having beautiful flowers situated at your ceremony, please remember to speak to your florist about repurposing them for your wedding reception. Flowers are beautiful and it is such a shame for them to only be used at your 30 minutes- 1 hour wedding ceremony. If there is a way to repurpose pew ends, urns, flower arches, then do. Even bridal bouquets can be repurposed and used a table centres. Make the most of the beautiful elements you are purchasing and get as much use out of them as you can!

4. Arrangements and Stems

Now what I don't mean is replacing full arrangements with single stems. Yes will will save money, but you're not exactly going to get the same impact are you! What I do mean however is think about a few areas here. Firstly your bridal bouquets... this is somewhere that can add up, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids. consider alternatives. Either have a single blousy stem, such as a hydrangea or peony, with a gorgeous trailing ribbon, or perhaps a small posy of beautiful astilbe (a personal favourite and I may have had that for my bridesmaids ;) ). Perhaps you want the bridesmaids to have cuffs created instead of a full bouquet, or even button holes? But think about thhvolume of flowers used and how you can create impact but scale back. Simple, yet elegant always works here.

then there's your table arrangements. Consider bud vases. this is when you have a few stems in small bottles or 'bud vases'. Now I don't mean just one per tale, because again that would be clear you've cut back, but having a few of these dotted across your table, then filled with beautiful candle votives and holders, both high and low can still create impact, but at a better price point.

5. Plants / Botanicals

Plants and botanicals are still a big trend. One way of incorporating this trend and keeping a reasonable budget is buy using plants such as ferns and lavender pots. They take up a large volume at a good price point and look beautiful. They also make great gifts and favours, so can have multiple purposes on the day. I love this idea of being able to give them multiple purposes as it's always so sad to spend money on something so beautiful, that only lasts a short time. It also makes it easier to repurpose these as they are potted.

So there you have it. 5 tips to saving money on your wedding flowers, but still creating incredible impact and style!

Until next week

Lauren xx


Photo credits:

Photos 1 and 4 - Mindy Coe Photography

Photos 2, 3 and 5 - Sophie Duckworth Photography


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