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How To Create Your Wedding Design | Part 1

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Creating your wedding design may feel daunting and overwhelming at first but once you've broken it down into these easy to follow steps it will become the most exciting and essential part of your wedding journey.

So what on earth is your wedding design bible? In simple terms it's a large mood board or design booklet but, it's not just any mood board... it's so much more!

Your wedding bible helps you to visualise your entire wedding at each stage of the day, starting with the ceremony all the way through to the evening reception.

This booklet is then super helpful for when you start contacting suppliers as it shows them the vision you wish to create. It helps to hone in on specific ideas creating a clear concept of how you want your day to look and feel.

So let's get started...

'It's not just any mood board... it's so much more!'

Create Pinterest Boards

Firstly, start by creating multiple Pinterest boards, the more the better really! Try to look at creating boards with the following headings as these will help with creating your overall wedding design.


What colours are you drawn to for your wedding? Is there a colour trend you particularly love? Is there a colour that is special to your relationship? Look at them all, collate them together or in different boards and start building a colour palette that you can visualise for your wedding.


This may sound like a catch twenty-two as surely this is what your trying to achieve but, you will be drawn to specific styles. So, what styles are you drawn to? Are you drawn to barn weddings or manor houses, do you prefer rustic and laidback designs or more elegant and luxurious ones? You'll naturally start pinning styles that appeal to you so suss out what you like and whether that matches your wedding vision.


Interior designs can influence and be pulled into wedding designs so have a think about what interiors you're attracted to and whether you want to bring them into your wedding design. Interiors massively influence the wedding industry albeit usually a year behind due to weddings being planned so far in advance.


A wedding is a personal celebration that celebrates your relationship and love for each other, so make your wedding personal to you! Adding in personal touches that are unique and special to the both of you makes it so much more. So ask yourselves... what are our interests and hobbies? Do we both share a passion? What brought us together or is there a special memorable moment we want to incorporate? This could be in the choice of food, the stationary, the place settings, the table plan, the entertainment... just remember this is what makes your wedding all about YOU!


Once you've created multiple Pinterest boards pick the images that really speak to you, that really hit the mark of what you'd like to achieve, not all the images will do this and that's okay. The idea is to use this selection of images to inspire your own personal wedding design and not just mimic the photos.

Save these images onto your computer into four different folders:

Colour Palette - the colours you're drawn to so, this should include floral colours, table-scapes, wedding and bridesmaids dresses.

Floral Style - the floral designs you like for bouquets and table-scapes for example is this tight and compact or wild and free.

Textures & Interiors - do you have an obsession with velvet or want gold to be incorporated into the design? any textures, patterns or interiors that you've seen that you want to pull into your wedding design.


Finally, think about breaking your wedding day into four parts and think about how you picture each part to look and feel.

1. Ceremony

How do you picture your ceremony? Is it in a church with beautiful pew ends, is it outside with wild flower arches, is it in a barn with hay bales and delicate hanging ivy, really picture and imagine how you want this part to look and feel.

2. Drinks Reception

Again how do you imagine this? Is this outside on a summers day with garden games or is it inside on a crisp winter's afternoon with lots of candlelight. Do you see roaming magicians or a string quartet playing acoustic versions of your favourite music. Does the drinks receptions have bespoke cocktails or just bubbles, are there interactive food stations or just light delicate canapés, it's completely up to you!

3. Wedding Breakfast

How to you see your wedding breakfast laid out? Are your tables round, are they long, are they wooden or covered with linen. Do the tables have a runner of green foliage down the middle or lots of small jars of flowers, do you want just candles on the table or hanging fairy-lights above.

Think about the food, is there a specific cuisine or restaurant you both love, do you want a 3 course meal individually plated or decadent sharing platters followed by a dessert station. Really paint an image in your mind as this is where the design can really get fun and exciting!

4. Evening Reception

Where do you want the night to finish? Is it outside dancing under the stars, is it inside with a band or DJ and load of disco balls. Do you want a sparkler or firework moment? Did you want bacon butties are midnight? Just really picture what you want.

You do not have to think of every single detail for you wedding day at this stage, this is just to have an overall picture and vision, remember that.

You should now have Pinterest boards exploding with ideas and images you are drawn to and a folder of specially selected ones saved onto your computer ready for the next stage of the design process.

Stay tuned for Part Two coming soon... where the fun really begins! Get your Wedding Design Book Template here ready for Part Two.

To watch Part 1 click here.

Happy pinning!

Lauren xxx


Photos by 1. Sophie Duckworth Photography 2. Juliette McKee Photography

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