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Answering the Most Googled Wedding Questions

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I mean the questions I have found! I can't begin to tell you!!

So I'm going to look at 7 of the most frequently asked wedding questions that couples are asking our good old friend Google...

What Wedding Dress Suits Me?

Interesting... very interesting to find out this is the most popular question asked and to an internet search engine! I'm sorry to say but I don't think Google can answer this one for you!

This depends on so many things, what styles you like, what suits you and your body shape, your preferences. I would advise staying away from online shopping and visiting your local wedding dress boutiques and speaking to the staff as they can give you the best recommendations for you. From there you can try on a range of different styles and really work out what suits you!

When to Send Wedding Invites?

I have touched on this topic before so check out my full video here or read the blog post but to quickly summarise for you I recommend sending out your wedding invites 3 months before you wedding date. Once you have set the date and booked the wedding venue however, by all means send out your Save the Dates so your guests know to keep that date free!

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

How long is a piece of string? It really depends on your expectations, what you want, your style, your theme, your location, basically the type of wedding that you're after but let's be honest it's really about the budget that you have! That's the question you should be asking yourself, how much do I want to or how much can I put towards my wedding and that will then determine what type of wedding you'll have.

The average wedding cost across the UK in 2019 was roughly £20k, you can spend more you can spend less it completely depends on your budget.

'I don't think Google can answer that!'

Who Pays for the Wedding?

That again is entirely up to you! Perhaps you want to pay for your own wedding and have put savings aside for it, perhaps your parents want to contribute some money towards it, perhaps you are traditionalists and then the Father of the Bride or family of the bride wants to pay for it, it's completely your decision. This is where you need to have the conservation with yourself and fiancé to discuss who will be paying for it and how much your budget then is.

Check out this video for a deeper discussion on Wedding Traditions.

How to Plan a Wedding?

A very vague question to be asking Google, but I like it all the same!

I, of course, would recommend hopping over to my Youtube Channel or reading more of my blogs for my tips and tricks on wedding planning. Alternatively you can buy my Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit here or download my FREE Wedding Planning Checklist

Otherwise speaking to or working with a Wedding Planner will help those of you who may be too busy or need help to plan your own. Having a really good checklist to help you each step of the way or doing an online course in Wedding Planning could help you, but basically do your research to gain some knowledge.

Can I Wear Black to a Wedding?

Of course you can wear black to a wedding! I would advise to NOT wear WHITE though, please don't do that, the bride gets to wear white, it's her day.

I think there's a stigma that black is associated with funerals and that they are depressing but hey! We all know a LBD is absolutely gorgeous and can be super flattering so go for it! If you're worried it may look a little morbid then why not try adding a splash of colour with accessories or picking a black dress with a pattern running through it, just don't be scared and know that you can wear black to a wedding.

Some weddings even chose a black & white colour schemes where the bride is in white and her bridesmaids are in black and they look incredible!

Do I Have to Invite All My Colleagues to My Wedding?

Umm... are you friends with all your colleagues? If the answers no, then no you do not! Invite your friends and the people that are closest to you, you do not have to invite people just because you feel obliged to. You cannot invite everyone to your wedding and weddings costs money so inviting every Tom, Dick & Harry will mean you're spending more money on feeding people you don't really know or like so please know you do NOT have to invite them!

Find out more on who to invite to your wedding here!

So a little bit of fun but I hope that's been helpful!

If you're one of those people googling 'how to plan a wedding' then don't forget to download my FREE checklist and my other helpful tools The Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit and the Wedding Design Book Template

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photos by: 1 & 2. Sophie Duckworth Photography 3. Mindy Coe Photography


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