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2022 Review- What I've learnt and what's the plan for 2023 - The Content Collective Podcast

S3 Episode 11: 2022 Review - What I've learnt and what's the plan for 2023



The final episode of season three of The Content Collective, I can't quite believe it! As we're coming to the end of the year I thought I'd share my review of 2022. My word for 2022 was growth and my goodness did we grow in all areas of the business, I'm sharing with you all my wins during this year but also what I've learnt throughout the year to make next year even better. I'm diving into my goals for 2023 and sharing with you my new word of the year. I would highly recommend setting goals for your business as well as personally as it's a really fun and interesting exercise and a great way to evaluate the year.

[0:58] - Intro

It's the last episode of the pod, I can't quite believe it! So listen to what's coming up in this end of year podcast.

[2:19] - Round Up

I'm giving you a little insight into the round up of my business year including my wins and what I've learnt. My word of the year for 2022 was growth and by god did we grow!

[13:32] - Word of the Year for 2023

SCALE - yes that's right, scale is my word of the year for 2023. But how do I use this word in my business throughout the year take a listen to find out.

[15:32] - Setting 2023 Goals

I start writing my goals in October and split my goals into three categories; socials and marketing, business and personal. I also have a little New Years Eve tradition with my husband that's all about goal setting and I love it!

[19:19] - Strategy

Find out what my strategy is for my business in 2023, this includes more short form videos as that's currently what people want and the beast that is Pinterest!

[23:51] - Goodbye to Season Three

A final little word from me about season three and a huge thank you for listening.

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Happy listening!

Lauren xx

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