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Your Uk Wedding Planning Checklist!!

wedding planning checklist | Wedding timeline | Wedding Planning Tips

Don't say I never give you anything! ;)

Today I am about to give you a massive bundle of wedding planning goodness, straight into your inbox.

I have put together a 12 month guide to act as your road map on your wedding planning journey. Breaking down each month for you with an actionable to do list, with tick boxes ( we all need a tick box right?!).

It includes soooooo much info for you!

I have documented the whole thing is this video, but no need to take notes, unless thats your thing obviously. Because I also have it as a downloadable PDF for you, because im nice like that. So which ever way you like to digest your checklist, its here, video or PDF format.

L x

wedding planning checklist, wedding planning timeline, wedding planning tips

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