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6 Survival tips for hot wedding weather

hot wedding weather | 6 tips to keep cool | Wedding Tips | Uk wedding panner

What with this amazing hot weather we are experiencing, I thought it would be a good idea to put together our top tips for surviving in the heat on your wedding day. Having a few little tips up your sleeve will make for a more comfortable day for you and your guests.

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1. Lots of Water

Keeping yourself and your guests hydrated is really important on a hot day, especially when theres alcohol involved. Speak to your caterers before hand to ensure they can have plenty of jugs or glasses available for everyone throughout the day. Ensure you have some water available when you are getting ready in the morning as well to help keep you cool

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2. Fans

Keep your guests cool with fans. Either put them on their chairs for the ceremony and for them to keep during the day. Or have a station for them to help themselves to during the drinks reception.

Wedding Fan | Wedding Favour | Uk

3. Bathroom Toiletries

Have a little basket of toiletries made up and put them in the toilets. Include things such as deodorant, wet wipes, blotting paper for the ladies as well as other nice touches you may wish to add that aren't hot weather related like hair bands and dry shampoo

4. Hair Up

Perhaps consider having your hair up for your wedding day. Not only can a hair stylist create some absolutely amazing up do's, but it could also keep you cooler by not having your hair down the back of your neck.

Wedding Hair Up | Uk Wedding Planner

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5. Create Shade

Are you having an outdoor ceremony? Are you guests going to be sat in exposed sunlight at the hottest part of the day? Have you thought about creating shade or is the area already shaded? What about your drinks reception? If it is outside are there little areas you can create that have shade for guests. Perhaps a small marquee for a chill out area? Or create a 'moment under some tree shade for guests to sit? there are lots of options and its definitely something to think about when the weather is this hot and incredible.

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Shaded Wedding | Uk Wedding Planning

6. Ice Cream This one is pretty self explanatory. Ice cream or lollies are always a winner in the heat. Serve them at your drinks reception or instead of dessert? Or as an added extra? You could have an ice cream van turn up, or have an ice cream bar. Why not have a help yourself station with alcoholic and non- alcoholic options? So many ways to incorporate them into your day.

Ice Cream | Wedding Ice cream

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