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April Supplier of the month- Capital Content

This month our supplier of the month is Capital Content. We worked with Gary for a couple of projects in the last year, such as our Falling for Autumn photoshoot, The Packhouse wedding event and he created the video of our Bluebird Mint Cocktail.

Below are Gary's tips on Videography for your wedding day............. Lauren x

Capital Content | Videographer | Surrey | Events

On the topic of my own wedding video, I made a mistake. This mistake was something I would regret for the rest of my (and my wife’s) life. To put it simply, I didn’t think about the video. I should have thought about video but truly, I had so much on my plate what with hosting friends and family and organising a wedding that it fell out of my list of priorities. Today we have a handful of mediocre photos and a regretful husband that didn’t capture his wife’s most important day of her life. My one saving grace was that I had hired a photographer to hide in the bushes of my local park where I was to propose. This event is rarely captured professionally so if you can engage a videographer or photographer then I would strongly recommend it.

Today, I run a video content agency called Capital Content based in Weybridge. We make video content for small business, corporate and the general public. That includes wedding videos. The way we approach a wedding video is the exact same way we approach content for businesses. It all starts with an objective and a budget. The questions you should ask yourself are:

What do you want to actually capture?

Do you want the entire ceremony, speeches and every event along the way so you have a full 8 hours archive of the entire day or do you want a highlight reel of everything that happened in a nice montage. The answer to this question is somewhere in the answer to the next:

Wedding Supplier | Surrey | Hampshire | Luxury Bride

Who is the audience that will see this video?

Normally, it’s only the happy couple that watches the video. Other people’s wedding videos are not that engaging unless you’re actually in them. But, now that we live in the age of social media, you probably want to share your special moment online. Maybe think about splitting out the full ceremony and speeches as their own videos for private viewing and focus on that high production ‘showreel’ version of your wedding to share publicly.

What other videos do you like/dislike?

Do your research. Go to and type in ‘wedding video’. There you will see some of the best wedding

videos you’ll ever see. Make sure you watch ones that have the same style or theme/venue and pick out stuff that you like and/or don’t like. One of our preferences is to not stage a video segment for the bride and groom like you do for photography. Instead, get the video to capture your photo session to show a more candid side to the event.

How much do you have to spend?

Possibly the most important question here. What we say to our clients is that if you have £500 we can produce something modest or if you have £50k we can make it look like a spectacular dream. One thing that changes the cost considerably is the length of time the team has to be onsite AND how far apart the bride and groom are (distance wise) when getting ready.

Make sure you put video in to your list of priorities alongside photography. Video is so important nowadays so why not include it in your wedding. Your future self will thank you for it.


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