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Continuing Your Wedding Planning In Lockdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So something that is popping up a lot within my bride community is how they have paused their wedding planning. That brides are feeling anxious instead of excited!

Well I want to spin that on its head. Yes there is so much uncertainty, I feel you! But what if we look at it like this...... we've been given the gift of time! We may not be able to book and confirm suppliers due to the unknown right now, but trust me, there are so many other tasks that can be done to get you ahead, feeling excited and level up your wedding planning, so that when we can step out into the world we know once again, you are armed and ready!

Here's 7 ways to continue your wedding planning in lockdown, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and get excited about your wedding planning again!


continuing wedding planning in lockdown

You probably saw this one coming right? It's something I harp on about a lot! But your budget is your friend and you now have time to sit down and work it out properly. Work out what your over all budget it. How you will split it between your suppliers and therefore which suppliers you can approach depending on that figure! I have written a whole blog post on budgeting HERE.


coronavirus and your wedding planning

Ok I totally get that you cannot go and view any venues right now. Without a venue booked you have no date. I really get it. In fact I am currently in this situation with a client. But these are the steps we are taking:

Really fine in on what you want from your venue. Your numbers, your likes, dislikes and non- compromisables. Open time online looking at different venues and make a list of final venues that you feel are the really strong contenders. When it's time you can then view these venues quickly and make informed decisions. Some venues are even doing virtual show rounds, so you can look into that and knock some off your list now.


tips on wedding planning during coronavirus

Now is the time to pinpoint the design you are after. If you haven't yet got a venue locked down, you may think you can't move forward with your design ideas. But there is no doubt a similar theme running through the venues on your finalised list.

Get friendly with Pinterest if you aren't already. Create one board, then some sub boards for the different elements in your wedding. You can also use platforms such as Canva to create amazing mood boards and design workbooks to inspire you and your suppliers later down the line. Or why not go old school and cut and stick pictures and elements the inspire you for your wedding day.


how to continue planning your wedding in lockdown

Knuckle down on the guest list. Finalise the numbers of your day and evening guests, so that you can get ready to get your invites out as soon as you have a date.


wedding planning in lockdown

If you've sussed out your budget and therefore how much you can allocate towards each supplier. Then you can start researching suppliers who fit with your design, style and budget. Make a list of roughly 3. Suppliers are still working on the whole, so you can always schedule in a chat via Zoom to discuss your ideas and get a quote, if you have a date and venue set. If you are yet to have a date set, get that research done and those lists compiled.


containing your wedding planning during coronavirus

Now that you have a little more time on your hands, why not level up your skill set and learn a new skill to help with your wedding planning. Perhaps look at some of the amazing online courses on offer? Learn calligraphy for doing your invites and on the day stationery. There is s much on offer now as business get create and provide home learning for everyone.

7. DIY

how to stay excited about your wedding during coronavirus

If there were any areas of your wedding where you were planning on making and creating bits yourself, now is the time! Get ahead and get your DIY on now. Even if it's a while until your wedding. Get yourself excited, get crafting and get ahead.

So there you have it, 7 different ways to continue your wedding planning during lockdown. Next week I'll be diving into one of these topics in a little more depth, so make sure you check back then ;)

Lauren xx


continuing your wedding planning during lockdown


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