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No Drinks Reception Allowed? What About This!

So we're hoping the news on Monday will bring us hope, but for those of you that are still a little cautious let's make it work in our favour!

I've got some great ideas to really bring to life your drinks reception, where the current government guidelines aren't really helping us over here in the UK. We're not allowed to go and get a drink at the bar, we're not allowed to mingle and we're not really allowed canapés because of the risk, so I've got 6 fun ideas that keep within the guidelines.

Grazing Cups

A lot of people have been on the grazing board trend the last couple of years, myself included because they just look epic, and with canapés being a no go due to the risk of passing them around to everyone, I have seen caterers combine the two and create grazing cups!

They're individual cup size portions filled with cheese and charcuterie or crudités which is easy to pick at during the drinks reception whilst you're sat down enjoying your drink. Not to mention they look super cute! And a perfect little teaser before sitting down for the wedding breakfast.


Another food idea is to create smore fire-pits, a great way to keep everyone out in the open, in a ventilated area so that your guests do not have to wear masks and it's a little bit more relaxed.

Create little areas with hay bales socially distanced around large fire-pits and then each guest can get their own DIY smores kit, they can then socialise around the fire toasting their own marshmallows whilst enjoying their drink.

Mr & Mrs Quiz

If you're having to have an indoor drinks reception where the rules are more strict, then why not entertain all your guests with a Mr & Mrs Quiz, this could be on the individual tables that guests are sat at or you could get everyone involved.

You could even get the bride and groom in the centre of the room with the toast master asking the couple questions, the couple stand back to back holding one of each others shoe which they use as paddles and they answer the question by holding up that persons shoe.

Just a fun little entertainment idea!

Singing Waiters

Now we are allowed entertainment at the moment inside with roaming acts moving around the space so why not look at getting singing waiters, it's almost like a flash mob with the element of surprise that your guests aren't expecting and maybe even your other half!

They start off serving drinks and then break into song and become an entertainment act by themselves. It just adds another level and excitement to the drinks reception when your guests aren't allowed to mingle!

Mini Golf

This isn't something new, but it's a lot of fun! You might not be able to take your drinks around with you but it's a great way to entertain guests as they can go round socially distanced or in their bubbles playing some mini golf.

Prosecco Pong!

Now this is my favourite idea, it might be a bit out there but hey! who cares, it's fun! What about prosecco pong!

You can easily socially distance whilst playing prosecco pong at your wedding, you're able to socially distance across the table and you could have a few tables set up, far enough apart, so that a few household teams can play at once.

You would obviously need to do this outside to help with restrictions but how much fun would it be!

I know all the guidelines are very confusing at the moment and I hope we get some clarity on the 12th July so that weddings can (fingers-crossed) go back to normal on the 19th July, but I hope these are some fun ideas for your drinks reception, when you're not allowed a normal drinks reception.

Remember if you need any help with on the day coordination, we're here to help, so drop us an email by clicking the link here!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photos by 1. Sophie Duckworth Photography, 2 & 3. Ross Hurley Photography 4. Lauren Goodman


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