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Wedding Speeches

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Are you wondering who should be doing a speech at your wedding? When they should do it and what order they happen in?

Don't stress, I've got you some answers!

Father of the Bride Speech


Traditionally wedding speeches go in the following order:

Father of the Bride


Best Man

But nowadays, things don't always follow traditions and people are making their own traditions. Variations on the above may include:

The Bride

Mother of the Bride

Maid of Honour

Depending in how comfortable people are at public speaking and the dynamics of your families you may wish to change the traditions and make your own. Neither is right or wrong. Only what works best for you as a couple is the right choice!

Bride and Groom Wedding Speech

Maid of honour, wedding speech


Again, traditionally speeches were done at the end of the wedding breakfast. But that is now not always the case. You can choose from a variety of different timings around the wedding breakfast.

You may decide that you wish to have all the speeches after the main meal, but before dessert. To allow people for their food togo down a little and break things up.

You may like to do all the speeches before the meal. This choice is often picked if people are uncomfortable with public speaking. It means they can do they speeches, then sit down and enjoy their meal with the nerves effecting the enjoyment of the wedding breakfast. Some people can become introverted during the wedding breakfast when they have an impending speeches to make. So this is something to consider.

You don't have to have all your speeches together. You may wish to have the Father of the Bride do his speech before the meal. He can welcome everyone and then let them enjoy the meal after he is done. Then the groom and best man, may speech after the meal?

The options are endless and the best thing to do is consider who is speaking and how you would like to split the meal up if at all?

Grooms wedding speech

Brides reaction to grooms speech


This is something that often keeps forgotten. But is crucial to planning a slick schedule. How long will the speeches go on for? Ideally no longer than 30-40 minutes. Otherwise that is quite a long time for your guests.

If you can mention to those speaking these timings and try to get them to stick to them it will make for very smooth sailing. I'd say 90% of weddings that run late are due to speeches overrunning the allotted times.

Bear in mind the after effects it will have if the speeches over run.

The meal will then run late (depending on when your speeches are). Although caterers are very used to this and will keep an eye on what is going on. You don't want pressure that you may be served a Luke warm meal because they have been waiting to serve the food past the time expected?

If you are having a turnaround of your room, then this will run behind. DJ's or bands may be waiting to set up. Caterers can't clear the tables fully and move tables until the speeches are finished and the room emptied.

The biggest issue in my opinion though is leaving your evening guests waiting. Make sure there is a bar opens so they can have a drink if things are running a little behind.

Remember it is not the end of the world if things are delayed, but by having a plan in place your are much more likely to have things go to plan!

Lauren x

best man speech

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