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We are Bluebird Creative- Surrey Wedding and Event Planners

So I thought it was about time we did a bit of an introduction to the people behind Bluebird Creative. I feel that when choosing a wedding or event planner, you want to click and connect with the person you choose to work with you. You will be spending a lot of time communicating in the months that lead up to your wedding or event and you want to feel comfortable and have trust in that person.

I think it is good to get to know your planner a little, so that you can work out if they are the right person for you. For this reason, I thought it would be nice to do this post on a few fun facts about our little team.......

Lauren Goodman

Creative Director

I'm Lauren, the Creative Director and one half of Bluebird Creative. I've listed 10 fun facts about myself below, so you can get to know me a bit and my world.

1. I can't take a serious picture, as you might have noticed from my picture here. Pulling a silly face and jazz hands makes me feel more comfortable, than having to pose and smile nicely.

2. I was British Primary Ice Dance Champion when I was 16 years old.

3. I am a qualified beautician. But nowadays I just use it to Shellac my own nails when I have time (which is rare!) or do a friends bridal makeup up.

4. I have been married for 3 years to Simon and we have been together for 9 happy years. We got married at Bury court Barn in Bentley and had the most magical day! It was literally the most fun day of our lives.

5. I became a mummy for the first time in the summer of 2016 to our beautiful daughter. It is the most amazing and rewarding job in the world and she makes me smile every day (even when we're having a tough day and she's being a little toad).

6. I LOVE peanut butter. But it has to be crunchy, none of that smooth stuff please! It's literally my desert island must!

7. I have a bit of a thing for glitter. I'd say that's the ice skater in me. There is still a part of me that needs to perform and have glittery things. I like to think i keep it in check though!

8. I am a bit of an organiser, which lends itself perfectly for my job. Everything needs to be planned ahead of time and having a pretty diary or notepad to write it all in is a good bonus.

9. My favourite holiday destination is Calella de Palafrugell. I have been going ever since I was born. My godmother is Spanish and owns a beautiful hotel on the coast called Hotel Mediterrani. Long story short, my grandad discovered the hotel years ago when my mum was a little girl and they then visited every year. They ended up becoming friends with the family that owned the hotel and my mum friends with their daughter. She now owns the hotel and is my godmother. It is the most magical place in the world and I have just returned from taking my daughter for her first trip there this summer- she's the fourth generation!

10. I have got what my husband calls an obsession with Christmas! The first weekend of December every year our 'Grotto' goes up and i'm literally like a squealing kid for the rest of the month. I don't know how simon puts up with me in December!

Simon Goodman

Technical Director

This is Simon our Technical Director and the other half of our team. Below are his fun facts about himself.

1. I graduated from University as a professional drummer in 2004, touring and recording as a session musician.

2. I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob, literally obsessed in searching for the perfect cup.

3. I’ve worked in many countries worldwide as a professional live sound engineer since 2006. Luxury parties, conferences, awards, you name it!

4. I met my beautiful wife, during her first drum lesson, the rest is history.

5. I’m an identical twin, and no I can’t read his mind. Fortunately he doesn’t work in the events industry, confusion avoided.

6. I love cooking Asian food, Thai curry....yes please!

7. When I get the time, I love playing golf.

8. I have size 12 feet, buying shoes is a nightmare! I often enter a shop asking: “what have you got in a 12?” Not cool

9. My perfect day would always start with a run, I love trail running especially. The mental and physical challenge keeps me coming back for more!

10. Working in the events industry for many years has enabled me to be a night owl, however i’m a morning person really, much to my wife’s annoyance.

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