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10 Places To Have Music At Your Wedding

Did you know there are 10, yes 10, different places you can have music playing during your wedding day?

I have so many couple just think about the DJ and/or band for the evening reception when there are so many more times during the day where music can be played that is easily forgotten!

I am so into music, I met my husband through music and at my wedding it was everywhere!

'If music is key for you, don't forget these moments!'


There are several different points during your ceremony where you can add music, this may vary depending on the type of ceremony you are having, so I'm going to base this on a Civil Ceremony.

Guest Arrival Music

So it's a great idea to either have a playlist or a live musician playing whilst guests are arriving to your ceremony venue and taking their seats. This live musician might then be playing throughout the ceremony at different moments.

If you want a playlist try to make this an hour long, you'll probably only need 30-45 minutes but it's always good to make it slightly longer in case of any delays. You can make this completely bespoke to you and enhance the atmosphere and vibe that you want for your ceremony.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

This piece of music is for when the bride and bridesmaids walk down the aisle. Firstly you'll need to decide who is walking down the aisle first, if for example it's the bridesmaids going first you may want a track just for them and then a new track for you (the bride) alternatively you may just want one track where the bridesmaids go first and as the track builds you then follow or vise versa.

This could be on a playlist or could even be played by your live musician.

During the Registry Signing

The next piece of music you'll want is during the registry signing, I would suggest 3 songs during this moment, that usually gives you enough time, again either on a playlist or played by your live musician. You may even want a choir or to sing some songs during this moment.

If you are having a religious ceremony you may have a choir or want the guests to sing hymns throughout the ceremony so speak to whoever will be leading your ceremony to discuss these moments, at what point they'll happen and what you can choose.

Walking Back Down the Aisle

Finally, to the ceremony is to have some music when you, as the married couple, walks back up the aisle at the end! This can be anything you want! Just remember if you are having a civil ceremony any music that is chosen should NOT have any religious connotation. If you are having a humanist/celebrant lead ceremony then the opportunities are endless. For a religious ceremony you may have to be more selective in your choices.

Make sure this piece of music leads into a few more tracks so that it gives your guests time to walk out of the ceremony area as well.

Drinks Reception

Now the next point to have music during your wedding is the drinks reception and this may seem obvious, but you'll be surprised how many couples forget about this area.

If you're having a drinks reception outside you could have live music or just a playlist playing in the background just make sure there is an outdoors PA system and speakers and that you have power easily available to use, your musicians may even be able to bring this with them or your venue might already have this.

Just don't forget to have music during this moment as it will not have the same, vibe, mood or atmosphere that you want to create without it.

There are so many options that you could have for music during your drinks reception, you could have an acoustic duo, a jazz trio, a wondering band, a saxophonist or a classical quartet or you could just choose a playlist that you like on Spotify or create your own of your favourite music. You can bespoke the music the reflect your personality just as much as you can with the styling and design.

Wedding Breakfast

Oh my goodness me, so many people forget this! They focus on the food, they focus on the table styling and they forget again about the atmosphere and the mood. It's the one area where if you're looking to save on music I wouldn't have live musicians but if you have the budget and want live music then of course go for it!

It's okay just to have a spotify playlist in the background, choose something chilled that's not too overpowering as it's just background music to create a vibe whilst your eating your dinner. I would suggest either a jazz or acoustic playlist.

First Dance

Now this is one you're very unlikely to forget, once you've had your wedding breakfast you're going to move into the first dance. You might not want to have a first dance or you absolutely do, it's completely up to you, but it's really lovely when couples choose a piece of music that is specific to them and means something special to the both of them!

The other piece of music you should consider is the piece that comes after the first dance. If you're going with tradition whereby the bride has a dance with their father again you might want a specific song thats special between the two of you. But if you're not going with tradition you may be going straight into your evening music...

Evening Reception

This is where the party really starts, you can either have a band or DJ or both! If you've got a nice late license you have a longer time in the evening so could start with a band and finish with a DJ.

There are so many different options! You could have dancers involved if you wanted, you could have a wondering band or saxophonist with a DJ the possibilities are endless and remember to make if special to you and your personality!

The evening reception music is probably the least likely part that you're going to forget!

So there you have it, all the different parts where music should be included in your wedding day, note down these important moments so you don't forget them. I hear it all too often where the music hasn't been considered and it's a last minute panic to find a playlist so now that you've read this blog you won't forget!!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Photos by 1. Sophie Duckworth Photography 2 & 3. James Davidson 4. Ross Hurley Photography


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