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Full Uk  wedding planning 

creative, style-led luxury wedding planning for modern couples, full of emotion, where design doesn't take the back seat

At Bluebird Creative our ethos is simple, we want to empower our couples with their wedding planning. To bring energy, fun and modern styling into a weekend of celebrations that will be one to remember. As a business, we bring complete design and production for all your events throughout the weekend. We are passionate about our clients having a celebration that is truly theirs.


We love fun, modern celebrations, spreading across multiple days, with cohesive design and details throughout.

Lauren Goodman UK Luxury Wedding Planner

How We Work

At Bluebird, we are a team of incredibly passionate women, who love weddings. The emotions involved with weddings, the joy they bring, and the creativity they can offer.


As a team, we are very approachable and work off of the trust our clients have in us. We don't offer weekly check-ins but work very hard behind the scenes, to give you the time and freedom to enjoy your engagement.

We check in where required and leave you to make all the decisions, with our guidance and knowledge, as well as incredible connections in the industry. You make the final decisions on everything.


We love to work with couples that absolutely trust in our knowledge of the industry, design expertise, and work ethic.

We love to build a relationship with our couples, as it is a huge and exciting chapter of your lives and it is never lost on us, the privilege of working with you at this time in your life and such a big event.

Lauren Goodman wedding planner and bride

Our Full Plan Service

Our full wedding planning service is for couples wanting a truly spectacular wedding experience across multiple days. With creative design at the forefront of the event backed up by incredible production.


We take the reigns on the journey, allowing you to enjoy making the decisions and see everything come together.


Our service is fully inclusive, including venue searching, supplier recommendations, full design creation, and development as well as guest management and coordination over your celebration events. 


With years of experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge and connections, we can bring together the right team for your day as well as bring to life a wedding to suit your personality and style.

We absolutely love weddings full of flowers, beautiful details, great food and a good party. We are conscious of the sustainability of our client's weddings and will always make suggestions around sustainable choices where we can.


Full wedding planning  service, including full design creation, admin, budget management, logistics and supplier liaising and a full team across the wedding celebrations

(all travel and accommodation included)

Tiered percentage fee of the total budget

Minimum fees apply

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