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Getting Confident With Reels

Time to get confident with Instagrams fastest 
growth Tool

Learn why Reels is so important for your instagram strategy, work on your camera confidence, learn how to create them, plus my planning calendar to level up your strategy and push you towards some serious growth!


Maybe You're Here Because....

You’ve decided to follow your passion and have a small, beautiful business but now looking to level up on social media. You've heard the buzz about reels, you know that you should be using them, but don’t know where to start or make to be creating.

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  • You want to start creating video content but you don't have the confidence to get on camera

  • You’ve heard the buzz about reels but don’t know where to begin

  • You don't have a clue what reels to create for your brand

  • You’re struggling to grow your Instagram account

  • You’re starting to feel the Instagram overwhelm

  • You don't think you have time to create reels

Does this Sound Like You?

  • You understand how the algorithm works

  • You knew how to create reels and really make them work for you

  • You understand how to find audio that's trending

  • You were able to grow your Instagram account quicker by actually posting less

  • You felt confident about showing up on camera

  • You could build the know, like and trust factor faster with your audience

  •  You could grow an engaged audience that covert  to leads

  • That you understand how to create reels that reflect your brand voice and pillars

Imagine if....


Hey, nice to meet you…


I’m Lauren. 


I’m a brand stylist, educator, Mumma to 2, and the No 1 UK wedding planner on YouTube.


I’ll help you to turn your passion to profit by teaching you how to style your brand visible. 


My whole business changed, when I decided to get my face on camera and start my YouTube channel. Understanding who I was speaking to and building a relationship with my audience, sky rocketed my business. I have a great understanding for ideal clients and getting a brand voice and values across online.


I now have a bit of a thing for video and when Reels was launched, I was in my element, using short form video, to connect with your audience and have fun at the same time.  


Creating content on social media, is understanding a brand brief and who you are marketing too. That combined with proven strategy, productivity and time saving hacks is how you will attract your dream clients.


Because honestly, if you aren't making SALES, at the end of the day, does this all really matter?

Lauren x


Getting Confident With Reels

Your one stop shop to understanding reels and upping your instagram game.

I have created a 4 part course for you to go through at your own pace.

4 videos, that take you through the process of creating reels and all the information you need to get trending and understanding how to make them relevant to your brand. As well as how to work WITH the algorithm.

The course will take you no longer than 1.5 hrs to go through if you were to do it in one hit. It's self paced and you also get access to my quarterly content calendar and a list of 18 reels ideas straight out the gate!

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Let Me Tell You Exactly What You'll Learn
Module One - The Why
  • Why we should be using video

  • The Know, Like and Trust Factor

  • Growth and Nurture Strategies

  • The Algorithmn

Module Two - The How
  • Account Type

  • Camera Confidence

  • How to find Audio

  • Saving Audio

  • Shooting

  • Adding Text

Module Three - The How (part 2)
  • Copy Formula

  • How to craft the right copy for your reels

  • Keywords

  • Hashtags

  • Posting

Module Four - The What
  • What to post

  • Social Media Pillars

  • What to consider

  • Monetisation

Bonus - Download
  • Get my quarterly content calendar, to help you plot out 3 months worth of reels in one hit, plus 18 ideas to get you started, right out the gate!

Ready to take that step and change your business for the better?
Just like I did!

In this course you will learn:
  • Why we should be using video in our marketing strategy

  • How to build the Know, Like and Trust Factor

  • Growth and Nurture Strategies - how and where to use them

  • The Algorithm - how it works and how we can work with it

  • Account Type - What account type you should have

  • Camera Confidence

  • How to find Audio

  • How to save Audio

  • Shooting

  • Adding Text

  • My Exact Copy Formula

  • How to craft the right copy for your reels

  • Keywords

  • Let's talk Hashtags - How many, what type, what size?

  • When should you be posting and how frequently?

  • What should you actually post

  • The Social Media Pillars

  • What to consider when creating a reel

  • Monetisation

Plus a download of my quarterly content calendar for you to plot out your next 3 months of reels and 18 ideas to get your started!

You can learn all of that......

For just £99

A Quick Recap....
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