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Module One:
Building and understanding your brand identity
Module Two:
Understanding Instagram, the algorithm and why we should be using it to our advantage
Module Three:
Creating content and understanding your brand brief
30th November 2021
Live session at 10am
Module Four:
Content planning, learning my strategy and systems for consistency, productivity and building a personal brand
14th December 2021
Live session at 10am
Module Five:
Getting visible online with Video
4th January 2022
Live session at 10am
Module Six:
Mindset and Confidence
18th January 2022
Live session at 10am
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Bonus One: 
Preparing For A Brand Shoot - With Mindy Coe
Available from 7th December 2021
Bonus Two: 
Claire Moorhead - How Social Media fits your Marketing funnel
Password: Bluebird
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