Where To Start with Your Wedding Planning

Updated: Feb 18

So I realised I haven't gone through those real beginning stages of your wedding planning. Before you properly even start the planning (if that even makes sense?). Those first thoughts and moves that you should and could make to getting things in place to plan the most exciting day of your lives!

So let's break it down and go through these 6 things to do right at the start of this exciting new wedding planning journey!

Celebrate Your Engagement

You said yes! That is super exciting. Most people have roughly 1 year as an engaged couple, so why not look at celebrating that momentous moment of you deciding to embark on the next chapter of your lives, with an engagement party? You can arrange this and celebrate with friends and possible family before sitting down to get into the details of your wedding planning. Enjoy the moment!

Start The Conversation

Start chatting about what you both like and dislike about weddings. You want to see how much you are on the same page. work out what is a big no no and what is a must have. what is important to you both as a couple? You can progress unless you have an idea of whats important to you and having a rough picture of what you might like for your special day.

Who's Planning