What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Plus it is all about you. the last thing you should be doing on the day, is 'working' your wedding. Now when I say working your wedding, I mean there is absolutely no way, you should be managing or overseeing anything!! It's a big no no in my books. You should be relaxing, enjoying and taking in every last moment, because trust me it flies by so fast!

So that means you need to delegate!

There are tasks that need to be done on the day, so let's go over what they are and who can take care of them!

Cash Payments

There will be a small number of cash payments that will still be outstanding on the wedding day. So you will need to choose someone responsible to be in charge of this. Make sure all the envelopes are marked with who they are to be given to. I personally think choosing somebody with a suit jacket is a better option as a lady in a dress may not have pockets and may place her handbag down. So I think give it to someone who will have it on their person until it's time to hand it over. A good choice here is usually the best man or an Usher. Perhaps even one of the parents.

Orders of Ceremony / Service

You may have created some orders of ceremony or service (depending on if you are having a church or civil ceremony). So therefore it is a nice idea to ask some to hand these out before the ceremony as guests make their way in. this job usually falls down to the Ushers. alternatively, you can place them out for the guests on their chairs or display them fo rhyme to collect as they walk past.

Seat Your Guests