What On The Day Wedding Stationery Do I Need?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So when you think of wedding stationery, I'm betting you automatically think of wedding invitations, save the dates and rsvp's. But have you considered your day of stationery?

There are several elements on your wedding day that will require stationery. Not everything is obligatory and you can pick and choose what you want to include. But some areas you will need to consider to help make things easier for your guests, so they know where to go and what to do when.

So Let's break the day down into sections and talk about what items you may include at those points:


Order of service/ ceremony- So during your wedding ceremony, it may be a nice idea to include an order or service / order of ceremony. It is called an order of service if it is a church service and an order of ceremony if you are having a civil ceremony..

This may be in the form of a card or a small booklet. You will want to include that it is your wedding ceremony and the date and location. Then inside you will want to add what is planned during the ceremony. Whether there are speeches and if so by whom. If you have chosen gyms, it is a nice idea to include the words for these. Guests will be very grateful for that! It is also a nice moment for guests to keep.

Parking- If the parking is not very clear, it may be an idea to put some signage up at this point? Alternatively you can have an usher guiding guests to the car park.

Welcome Sign- You may want to add a some beautiful signage to the entrance of your ceremony to welcome them. This may simply say 'welcome' or perhaps 'welcome to the marriage of....'

Take a Seat- If you are having guests seat themselves on particular sides, you may want to make this clear. However you may also want to let guests know that they can sit wherever they like. Pinterest has some wonderful ideas for short poems and rhymes for this. Alternatively an usher can take on this role.