Wedding Advice That Made Me Laugh!

Be warned! You may laugh out loud to some of the wedding advice that I've come across or heard over the years and once I give you the facts behind these as to why they aren't such great ideas, you'll be tickled!

So let's start with an absolute cracker shall we!

"Laughing is contagious and you may catch it!"

Don't have a Seating Plan

Advice: Don't have a seating plan and go for open seating as it will

save you time on having to write one as well as working out

family dramas that might be in your family.

Errr... NO! Just picture this, your guests will walk into your beautiful wedding breakfast room and, creatures of habit that we all are, will immediately look for a seating plan realising that they can't find one. This will confuse and send a tiny bit of fear into your guests as they'll be thinking 'do we just sit anywhere?', 'what do we do?', 'where are the bride and groom sitting?'. They'll then try and sit on the tables but, (this is where the fun starts) a couple might have sat right in the middle not leaving enough seats for another 'party' which forces them to separate and leaves single seats... ugh! it just causes chaos! This also takes so much time to get everyone seated and time is precious on your wedding day!

Then... it causes issues with your caterer. Some guests may have allergies or dietary preferences and your caterer will not know where those specific people have sat, heaven forbid a vegan gets served roast beef! This will then take more time for the waiting staff to go round and ask everyone if they have dietary requirements, which then could lead to guests asking to change their meal choice which again is just chaos!

So please, don't listen to that advice! Seating plans do take time but they make the whole seating process and wedding breakfast service seamless and stress free.

Have Your Phones During the Ceremony