The Best Wedding Trends for 2021 and beyond!

Let's take a look at the BEST wedding trends for 2021 that I hope will grow and continue to be the 'norm' for 2022 and even beyond!

Wed Now, Party Later

This is ultimately a result due to the pandemic but I LOVE IT!

It's one of the best compromises where couples have decided their love for each other is more important than having a big wedding and therefore have or had their mini or micro wedding already or it's coming up soon and they will then celebrate a year later with a huge party! Then don't miss out on all the parts of your wedding.

Virtual Wedding Planning

Another trend that has bloomed from the pandemic is virtual wedding planning in all aspects.

By not being able to visit suppliers this has forced couples and suppliers to adapt and become more accessible online. The lockdown time has allowed suppliers to develop their online presence allowing for couples to get the same experience they would from a face to face but virtually and we don't see this going backwards.

Here at Bluebird Creative, I'm all about virtual wedding planning, it's what we do! So don't forget to check out my digital downloads, Youtube channel and contact me for more info about my online design consultancy 1:1's.

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