Postponing Your Spring Wedding To a Different Season

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So you've made the decision to postpone your 2020 wedding, but you're now looking at a totally different season.

I have been asked by brides:

"How do I make my Spring wedding work in Autumn?"

  • My wedding is in a new season and I don't know how to change things?

  • What details should I add or take away.

  • How can I tweak the details to fit the new season without a huge costs on top of what we already have planned?

I totally get where you are coming from. So let's talk details for moving a Spring/Summer 2020 wedding to those slightly chillier Autumn/Winter months.

Cosy Vibes

So it's going to be colder than you had originally planned. But that doesn't have to be a downside. Why not get the hygge vibes going and make it cosy , warm and all about everyone coming together. Nothing beats hygge!

Ways in which you could do this would be to incorporate blankets. If there is an outdoor area, you could place these outside for guests. Or even have them as favour for each guest on their chairs? Other options would be adding heaters or fire pits for the evening. If guests may want a little fresh air, or if you have smokers amongst your guests, then adding something like a heater can be a big win. This will be an additional costs, but you may decide to not include other outdoor elements during the day, so this could be the alternative? Just adding more candles and thinking about your lighting can also give the day and evening a stunning vibe that has a fantastic warm atmosphere.