Online Wedding Planning Resources to Level Up During Lockdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So follow on from last weeks post, where I discussed what you can be doing to continuing your wedding planning during lockdown.

Let's dive into the different resources available online to aid your wedding planning and up level your skills!

We either have a little bit more time back at the moment You may still be working, but your evenings and weekends perhaps aren't quite as busy. Or perhaps you have your daytimes freed up a little bit as well.

Why not look at ways you can use online resources to level up your skills and gain extra knowledge and know-how?

I've been doing a little research and here are my favourite online resources.

1. Calligraphy with Louise from Lou Paper

Louise is a calligrapher, stationer and all round design genius. From making the most inspired invitations suites and on the day wedding stationery to teaching calligraphy workshops. Louise in super quick time has put her calligraphy workshops online. I'll be honest, i'm toying with enrolling as this is definitely somewhere I want to level up (you'll be amazed how often I have to do something last minute with a calligraphy pen on a wedding day!). Her course is accessible, at a fantastic price point and with her teaching style is friendly. You have everything you need posted out to you and the tutorials are then emailed over for you to go at your own pace!

What a great skill to add to your list and use for your wedding invitations, place names and so on!

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