Dealing With Family When Planning Your Wedding

So this is something I get asked about a lot, especially in my facebook group, it's something I try to avoid answering as everyones situation and circumstances are different but, I've decided to put my big girl knickers on and give you some general advice on how to manage family and friendship dramas whilst wedding planning as this will probably come up for most couples.

'Is it a battle worth fighting?'

Let's jump straight in and learn how to manage the expectations of your friends and family around you, as 80% of the time I'm sure it's only coming from a good place, even though it may not seem it!

How to Manage Expectations

It's usually the people that have the best intentions that cause the most drama, which is bizarre, but they do mean well.

It's really important to have conversations right at the beginning of your wedding planning journey. Just be open, just be honest and tell them how you want to plan your wedding. You might want to make the decisions just between the two of you or you might want some input from others, whatever you decide just communicate that, so that when things do go a little south you can say 'do you remember that chat we had at the beginning and I just want to remind you of how I feel and how I want to plan my wedding'.

Also ask if they want to be involved and ask this at the beginning, see how they feel, do they want to be involved? If they don't want to be involved then you're not going to get hurt later down the line, feeling like they're not helping or not getting involved when they never had the intention of getting involved in the first place.

So have those conversations so that your friends and family know where you stand and more importantly they know where they stand with you.

Choose Your Inner Circle

From there, if you do have people that want to be involved then choose your inner circle.

You are going to be excited and tell a lot of people about your plans but that is going to bring a lot of opinions, they will tell you a) what they did, b) what they didn't do, c) how you should do it, so just bare that in mind as you might not want all of those opinions!

So perhaps just have an inner circle of people that support you, that love you, that you know are going to be good for you during the wedding planning process and include them in the planning.