Celebrating Your Original Wedding Date in lockdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

So this post is inspired by the fact that one of my loveliest friends is supposed to be having her wedding this weekend. But as many of you have had to do, they have had to postpone their wedding day. However I can't help but think we should celebrate their original date together anyway.

So it got me thinking of how we could do that and what you lovely people out there could do to celebrate your original dates and not let it just pass by unannounced and uncelebrated!

1. Zoom Party

No I haven't got confused between Zoom and House Party. But calling it a zoom call seems wrong, when let's be honest it should be a party!

Why not get all of your friends on a call, your bridal party, family and hey why not all your wedding guests. Play a playlist, have a few drinks and just have a bit of fun! It only seems right as it's what you would have been doing!

2. Couples Quiz Night

Again this is likely to be on Zoom.... but have your bridal party or family put together a Mr and Mrs quiz. Get everyone on board and have a pub quiz type evening, but all about your and your fiancé! Have fun with your friends and celebrate you both as a couple!

3. Date Night

Get dressed up and cook something pretty special for dinner. Perhaps choose one of your wedding playlists and even do your first dance together. Make it all about the 2 of you and the love you share for each other.