Bridesmaids & Everything You Need to Know

Who, what, where, when &... why? Are you a bit stuck on where to start with bridesmaids?

Well, have no fear! I am going to talk all things BRIDESMAIDS including... how to choose your bridesmaids, what bridesmaids actually do, gifting for your bridal party, their attire and maybe a few horror stories just so you stay well clear!

So let's dive straight in...

"Don't feel pressured into choosing someone because you feel like you have to"

How to Choose Your Bridal Party

This is a hot topic and I have done a whole blog just dedicated to this so you can read that by clicking here, but there are a few things you need to remember when choosing the right people as there have been some horror stories in my bride academy facebook group!

So when your thinking about who should be your bridesmaid, ask yourself these questions

- Do I have a good relationship with them?

- Do you think they will support you throughout the wedding planning process?

- Will they dive in with the DIY projects?

- Will they be a shoulder to cry on when it all gets a little too much? And it will, but that's okay it's natural!

- Are they going to help plan your hen do? If you want one.

- Have they got your back on the wedding day? Will they make sure you're having the best day and that you have everything you need? Because it's about you and not them!

You'll need to consider how many bridesmaids you can have as this will relate to your budget. The more bridesmaids you have means more bouquets, more dresses, more hair and makeup, more gifts, more shoes... you get my drift.

Then consider your relationship to them, I know I've said that already but please don't think you have to ask someone to be your bridesmaids just because you were theirs. Even if this was a long time ago... remember people change and relationships change. You might have closer friends or a different circle of friends or you might just think they'd suck at being a bridesmaid, there I said it! So don't feel pressured into choosing someone because you feel like you have to. Don't feel pressured to have a family member or sister in law as a bridesmaid if you don't want to.