Bluebird At Home - Mini Celebrations, worth Celebrating!

So you may or may not have heard, but as Ross from friends once said........... I've had to make a sudden PIVOT, with my business!

The wedding industry is being struck so hard and it's such an emotional space to be. For us as business owners and also seeing brides and grooms suffering. Not just our own couples, but all couples.

I'm so fed up of seeing things being taken away, not to mention the impact it's having on my business that I had to do something different.

With a 2 week turn around, I came up with an idea to bring celebrations back on a mini scale. The idea was generated, the shoot took place, the social media strategy was formed and on Monday it was announced!!!!

On Monday I announced my new concept..... AT HOME with Bluebird.

I want people to still be able to celebrate with style. Not miss out on their 30th, 40th, wedding anniversary or hen do's! Just because we are told we have restrictions on social gatherings and what we can and can't do. Now I'm not saying break the rules (check out our Covid secure policy here), but what I am saying is there is a way to still make the most of these celebrations and still stick to the rules.

We are social beings, its part of who we are. So to miss out on all social interactions, I believe is causing us harm for our own well being. Hence my new concept.

So what on earth is At Home with Bluebird?

Let's dive into the details....

Putting it simply, all you have to do is:

--> Choose between my bottomless brunch menu and my evening grazing menu

--> Choose between 3 decor style for your tables cape design

---> Choose you 5 guests

What we do is: